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This a question for the really old (like me) railway people familiar with Birmingham and Derby trains in the fifties. I've posted it in a number of forums (fora ?)

Up until about 1958 or so, I'm sure I remember, the coaches were corridor stock but with doors in each comparment. It's been bothering me on and off for a number of years. These coaches must have been pretty prevalent, but I can find no mention of them.

There are descriptions of so-called "all doors" corridor stock by Essery on the LMS , but these finished production in the early thirties. Were they really that old, or were they Western Region ex GWR escapees?

But then you also hear little of the "porthole stock" that were used to St. Pancras. Graham Farish has announced the production of LMS Stanier coaches. Presumably these were used on the posh trains for Euston to Birmingham and Manchester.

Come to think of it they would be "only" thirty years old - no older in fact than the HST is now.

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Although not familiar with the railways in the area you describe it was not unusual for SE&CR stock to be seen in the south until the late 50's - and don't forget several Gresley buffet cars survived until the mid 70's!

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