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I have just found out i cant make it to this exhibition but as its my own clubs show I thought I would start a thread and try to give it some publicity.

They seem to have a good mix of layouts booked.

Transport is easy from kings cross and when you get there there is a bu up to the palace or you can enjoy the rather nice walk up the hill.


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Thanks for the reminder Peter, its my fav show
. There is always a good mix of layouts and is usually well supported by the trade. Its also good to catch up on my old stomping ground, memories of A4's blasting through Finsbury Park and Harringay, I can smell it now.

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Just found this list of all the planned exhibits for the show

  • Ballyconnell Road
  • Binns Road
  • Blackmill
  • Brockley Green
  • Camp 93
  • Charlotte Road
  • Chiltern Hills
  • Coombe Wharf
  • Copenhagen Fields
  • Devils Creek
  • Duke Street
  • East Quay, Chapel Pill
  • Exchange Sidings
  • Gifford Street
  • Haddon Bank
  • Hampton End
  • Harton Gill
  • Hoglington
  • Keengate
  • Kentside
  • Lapford Road
  • Linfit West Yard
  • Llanfair
  • Lowburn Park
  • Moose Lake Canyon
  • Morebath Junction
  • Newchapel Junction
  • North Hetton Colliery
  • Pradeux
  • Runswick Leamside
  • Sarum Road
  • Silbeeke
  • Småtorp
  • Smržovka
  • Stoney Lane Depot
  • Thornbury Hill
  • Timpdon Lake Railway
  • Tolcarn Engine Shed
  • Upper Benllech
  • Victoria Park
  • Vine Street
  • Wansbeck Road
  • Wellbridge
  • Wilhelmshaussen

and the list of trade stands is even longer.

Making my plans for giving the wife the slip for the weekend and taking a look.

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iv got this week off and am wondering whether to go to ally pally or to go to the kramm shop in hilden near cologne in germany - i need 29 fleischmann electro frog points (£1000+) and not many uk retailers even seem to carry that quantity of them in stock - maybe the german trip might yield a more successful trip!.

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i suspect you would have more luck in germany. even if a retailer does take some Fleischmann pints, he is unlikly to take 29! perhaps you should call round the stands that are going to be there and see f you can arrange to collect them at the exhibition?

I am probably popping over on firday for a very short time to deliver some stock for one of the stands.
I have also swapped a couple of hours so i am not in quite such a rush on the sunday.


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This is one exhibition I have never managed to get to there is a 1 in 10 chance of me going on the sunday but I suspect work will get in the way I would certainly have to drive down and leave quite early as it is but usually this time of year sundays are quite busy as around mothers day/easter is one of the main family get together seasons which means lots of sunday bookings hope everyone who does get to it enjoys the show
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