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an update on my bench.

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at the moment i have my usual mixture of stock!

3 test etches for the 3 types of maunsell TPO's being made up. for the first time i am going to try and represent the panelling on the sides. to my knowlage this has never been done.

5 Ratio GWR 4 wheelers nearly done. i have to do the interiors and send it off to have the transfers done (i dont do transfers!)

4 LMS arc roof bogie coaches they are just in their black undercoat which dosent show up very clearly.

And an LNER quad art

I hope the person who called me a "Trainset player" on the other thread is taking notes!

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he he!! i keep meaning to ballast it and do a propper job of the station and put a small engine shed at the other end with a nice fence along the front.
but i never seem to get around to it!

But my railing has a 100% sucess rate!

I got the quad art roofs on perminantly and all the vents on friday and saturday morning.

I etch primed it on saturday and tried to spray the teak basecoat last night but the paint had gone bad and its got to wait for some new stuff.

Here is a couple of pics of the fionished shells in primer. of it in primer.

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I just got a picture of 2 coaches i partially built.
I didnt do the roofs and when i got them they were 5 sided boxes with super glue all over the place. the chassis were not straight and the underframe detail was non existant.

they are slaters 4mm kits in plastic, lost wax brass and etched brass and whitemetal.

all i did was put them together and rescue them. i didnt paint or transfer or weather them.

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I am waiting for paint to finish the quad so I did some work on my corrie last night. i have not touched this model in almost a year so it was good to get it out and see what needed doing to finish it.

It was one of my first paint jobs with an airbrush so the paint work is not great. i painted the floors green. and cut the seats the right length and glued them together. i have not installed them yet as they still need to be painted.
I put the partitions in last night and they still need painting in grey.
My humbrol paints are getting a bit thin on the ground. come on hornby!! we are getting desperate!!

I am building these for myself so i want to put people in them. i will get some unpainted presier people when i see them.

i noticed that they are riding too low on the bogies. so i will have to sort that out at some point.

Now if only i could remember what i did with the beaver tail??!! i thought i put it with the others but i cant find it!

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No. the ones you saw running on my freinds layout were his own west riding set built from the same kits. (the loco was the only bit that was mine.) i have been doing so much other work for other people that my own set just got put on a back burner.

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OK i found the beaver tail. i was also sent 2 pictures of a coach i built that has just come back from the painters. its another slaters.
this time a GWR toplight.
The chassis truss was a right pig and i still dont think it looks quite right but it was the best i could do.

Compartment side

Corridor side

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Over the last few days i have been waiting for the paint to do the teak coaches and the TPO's so i have done some work on my M1

I have done the loco brake gear and the pickups. it now runs under its own power without me running along behind with pieces of wire!

The tender is shorting because i didnt file the axels down far enough. i will have to sort that at some point.

The actual body is just about ready for spraying. i want to get some of the new markits sprung buffers rather than use the cast ones that come with the kit.

Excuse the bad lighting it was very late last night and i couldnt be bothered to mess about with the lighting.

I am going to try the new threaded crankpins on the centre axel. i got them at the weekend and they need the hole in the coupling rods opening out slightly. thats the next task as well as painting the chassis.
I am not really happy witht he finecast whitemetal front bogie and i think i will swap it for the comet version.

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sorry yes. W1! i was having a senior moment!
I still have to sort out the problem of the cylinder shape. it shouldnt be a problem but its one i wish i didnt have to do.

I thought the M1 was a road that went up north somewhere?
Well i have had a couple of days working on the quad art.

I got the paint and sprayed the undercoat.

and then got stuck into the teaking. these pictures really dont do it justice. it looks far better in real life.

Now i have to do the other side and the ends!

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Ok. i have to do some more tonight so i will try and take some better shots showing the process but basically its a mixture of golden teak and teak basecoat (both from phoenix) painted with a DECENT brush (a windsor and newton artisan flat number 2 about £6)

The brush has very stiff bristles and helps to get the grain effect.

Mixing the colours is done very much by eye and on an old fasioned colour palett. if it starts to go a bit dark then mix in a little more basecoat and visa versa.

its not easy.
it took me about 6 total mess ups before i felt confident to do it on a decent kit. i have a harrow models T stock driving motor that i am too ashamed to show anyone!

I will take you some better pics.

As requested here are some better pictures to show the process.
once again i am sorry for the poor camera. i asure you it is the camera and not my photography!
also the pictures dont show the colours very well. they are far pailer than they look in these pictures.

To start with sort out a paint palett (ignore the mess thats on there already. (thats left over from yesterday) some general purpouse thinners and the 2 teak paints.

Next give them a really good stir. (i dont know why i took a picture of this but as i did here it is!)

Put a blob of each paint on the palett and some thinner in one of the little pots.

using a decent brush start to mix a little of each paint.

Getting a very small ammount on the brush take a couple of strokes from aeft to right. this leaves a build up next to the beading.

take a stroke the other way go get rid of the build up and finish off the stroke. if the streaks havent formed properly then now is the time to fix it.

then its just a case of keep going untill your done or you get bored or you are just too tired.

here is a sample i did previously. i did one side in traditional golden teak and the other side i wanted a far more weathered look so i did the same process but used GWR brown instead of the golden teak.
for the BR era and before they were painted i think the latter is a far more accurate if far less desirable look.

In the case of the golden teak the lining was done with a bow pen.

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i will try and get some of the lining done tonight.

Money is a bit tight right now so i am having to do some models to sell. i dont really like that. it turns it almost into a job. but hay thats life.

its now fully lined. over the weekend i will try and put the tape on the roofs for the rainstrip. i have to get advice about how to get this right.

ok the quad had its rainstrips done as did the SR TPO's and both have had a coat of paint.

The quad had its roof painted white and it looks stunning!

The SR TPO's got undercoated and one side has had its first coat of SR green.

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he he!! like hornby i too am having a period of consolidation! the TPO's should be gone by the weekend and the quad will follow soon after. the red TPO's you can see wrapped up are all but done apart from the bogies.

the 2NOL thats upside down in the last picture should also be gone soon. i was very happy with it when i made it. but time and my skills have moved on.

its all quiet on my bench at the moment. most of the stock i am currently working on (the SR TPO's and the quad) are on display up at the notingham show. (i wish i was there rather than sitting in this dingy office!).

Last night i took a look at a 10 kit set for a full cornish riviera express that arrived a couple of weeks ago.
They are phoenix kits and so the doors needed scribing (i understand newer kits have this already done) it was no big deal and i had it done in about an hour.

I might have a go at sticking a couple together over the next couple of days.
Because they are phoenix coaches, they have punched aluminium sides and have to be stuck together rather than soldered.
it will be the first time i have attempted this. Working neatly with epoxy is not my strong point!

I took some picturea last night of the cornish set.

The 10 kits as they arrived

The typical contents of each kit. there is underframe but no underframe detail like bogies trussing boxes etc..

these are the older phoenix kits. the newer ones have the doors ready scribed but the older ones dont. this is how they came.

Ok this bit was a bit difficult to take pictures of because i dont have a third hand and my camera is crap. (i am saving up for the new Nikon!) you have to imagine the next to pictures hapenning at the same time!
I put the scriber point exactly where i want the line and slide the set square along the coach side untill it rests against the scriber. then its just a simple case of 2 strokes with the scriber.
any scriber would have done but i had the fancy Tamiya one i bought last week and i wanted to give it a try. also i thought it might be better on the soft aluminium.

then i threw out the instructions and decided to glue 1 end and 1 side seperatly. i think this is a better idea than messing about with blocks of wood as the instructions sugest.

And thats as far as i got so far.

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QUOTE (Ravenser @ 18 Mar 2007, 22:20) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Very interesting. I've got a couple of Phoenix /BSL kits second hand in the cupboard as intended first coach kits (Well they were cheap and could fit well with something I've got involved with ) The need to scribe doors was worrying me slightly . A trip to Model Zone for a Tamiya scrawker seems in order

What gauge is the Quad Art set ?

Great dig them out and give them a go. i would be happy to help in any way i can.
The quad. good question about the gauge. probably OO but i wouldnt rule anything out!
I was worried about scribing the doors but it was really no big deal. the bad news is that the scriber in the pics was the last one model zone had!! he he (sorry!)

Ozzie i find getting a good finish on a coach almost as rewarding as doing a loco. and its a hell of a lot easier and cheaper! go on, give it a go!!

I have been working on my stained glass porjects for the last couple of days but i hope to have some more pictures tomorrow.

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