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an update on my bench.

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at the moment i have my usual mixture of stock!

3 test etches for the 3 types of maunsell TPO's being made up. for the first time i am going to try and represent the panelling on the sides. to my knowlage this has never been done.

5 Ratio GWR 4 wheelers nearly done. i have to do the interiors and send it off to have the transfers done (i dont do transfers!)

4 LMS arc roof bogie coaches they are just in their black undercoat which dosent show up very clearly.

And an LNER quad art

I hope the person who called me a "Trainset player" on the other thread is taking notes!

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QUOTE (dbclass50 @ 9 Jun 2007, 00:31) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Superb work Peter - you have far more patience & skill than I'll ever have. I would like to see some examples of your work in the flesh. We may just make it to Chatham this weekend (working late Sat night !) on the Sunday. I'll send yo a PM with my mobile no .
I wouldn't mind seeing some of your work too. I'm a bit further away though and won't be making it to Chatham.

Have you ever thought of starting your own model company Peter? You obviously have the skills to train others to make a decent product and there is gaping hole in the UK market for top end product.
I think the thing that baffles me about your kit building is how you manage to paint them so well. How do you manage to get all the trim so perfect? I'm not a bad painter myself but I couldn't do all those straight lines so perfectly.
How much did that Jig cost you Peter. There's a few kits I'd like tio have a go at at something like this would give me the confidence to have a go.
Very good Peter. That Jap loco is interesting. I haven't seen one like that before.
That's a big improvement Peter. I bet it was a lot of work filing out those holes though.
QUOTE (Richard Johnson @ 26 Feb 2009, 14:58) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>I'd happily sleep with my air bottle under the bed but I'd not bring a truck tyre into the house.

I'd be very interested to see who puts their hand up to that.
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Hi Richard,
it was the truck tyre I was referring to.


I like that BR05 with camo. Who makes that one Peter or is it a custom job?

What was happening with your BR05 003 cab forward?
Thanks for that Peter. I did wonder if it was a new model. I don't think it would be too hard to add on the armour bits to a new BR05b to make it look like that. I may think about getting a br05 to convert as it does look great with the camo.

Look forward to seeing the next instalment of the Br05 003.


That's a real pain in the arse. The motor I mean. Could you put the motor at an angle of say 15 to 30 degrees to allow clearance for the wheels? Or isn't there enough room for that?
I'm very interested in the Highland Railway Strath 4-4-0. Are you doing that for some one else?
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