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an update on my bench.

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at the moment i have my usual mixture of stock!

3 test etches for the 3 types of maunsell TPO's being made up. for the first time i am going to try and represent the panelling on the sides. to my knowlage this has never been done.

5 Ratio GWR 4 wheelers nearly done. i have to do the interiors and send it off to have the transfers done (i dont do transfers!)

4 LMS arc roof bogie coaches they are just in their black undercoat which dosent show up very clearly.

And an LNER quad art

I hope the person who called me a "Trainset player" on the other thread is taking notes!

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Very nice work again Peter

You make my Silver Jub' set look naff!

Hows your Corination set going?

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There is some useful info in this months copy of ModelRail, its a Pullman special

Cant wait to see the first pics of your newly redesigned SJ coaches, bet they are going to be a fine work of art if your other previous efforts are any thing to go by, but a word of selfishness from me, please dont make them look to good or my set will not stand up!!

Will you also be able to adapt them for the Cornonation & West Riding? Just think you would have more sale potental for your own brand 'pedromorgan models'

CME MillDale
Great work as usual Peter

Why would you want to get rid of those coaches? You work hard on doing things for others and you should keep some for yourself, I wish I had half your talant

As a side note, can you set up a new thread as a 'Master Class' on how to create your varnished teak effect, with the hornby teaks going for stupid money, it may be the way forward for me, or at least try on a Quad-art set

CME Milldale

PS I will go for those carriages, can always re-number them into the second formation if hey are the same as Andii's or go for the West Riding
OMG Peter, that paint on the Nelson tender has a great finish, cant believe thats only its first coat. Who's paint are you using?

Will have a look back at the start of this thread to see if I am brave enough to attempt teak effect

More pics please

CME Milldale
Nice looking little 'bench' there Peter

Have you lined up somewhere else to use as you work shop ready for when your wife comes over? Cant see her liking using the cooker as a spray booth! I bet the cooker hood makes a good extractor for all those paint fumes though

Mine has now all relocated back into the garage, didnt last long using the shed, so lots of other stuff got evicted from MY garage to make more room for me!

CME Milldale
This is getting off topic, interesting though

Any more updates Peter please?

CME Milldale
Looking good as usual Peter, well done

I like the look of that box in the back of your last photo, is that also your work?

Any other shots of the railway we can see?
great looking work as usual, keep it up, I really enjoy reading this thread

The chime should of belonged to Nos 7 on her return from Lincoln Christmas market, she was due back at the Cross around 2045hrs then empty stock move to Ferme Park around 2130hrs according to

I was going to go over and have a watch but have being feeling crook all weekend with that flu bug (no not swine) shame as it was a good few days with 2 A4's in the city over the course of the fayre with Nos 19 there on Thursday, always next year
Excellent looking bit of kit Peter, wish I had half your 'budget' but I would only spend it on a loco or two if I did

Hows the air brush tutorial coming along? looking forward to the next instalment

Also, did you ever get any further on with your Silver Jubilee set?
Good to hear the SJ progect is still prrogressing. Time is a presious thing, with your line of work and the fact your married now and have to keep the work bench area tidyer!

Look forword to seeing and folowing the LMS & SJ progects
I dont know what your on about saying the camera is a harsh critic, I am no where near your quality or skill and as Expat said, a model any modeller would be happy with. I aspire to be near your genious one day, you are jaw droppingly brilliant, keep it going
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How big and heavy are you taking about here?

I would take you up on you offer of 'homing' some of it for you, my stash of plastic is now down to my last half sheet, each sheet being the size of a domestic door! but postage costs would be prohibative!
That box of plastic looks very much like the one I got about 4/5 years ago when I started to build MillDale, it soon disappeers though. I got the black 1mm sheet so I didnt have to black out the inside of the finished model, the only problem with using black plastic is I need to have two bottles of plastic weld on the go, one for the black plastic carcas and another for the white evergreen strip and window glazing!

Looks like from your pic that you are slowly creeping back around the kitchen work tops for your work bench space! Mrs Pedro must be very understanding!

Hope you have better luck with the Nelson soon, may be it wont be your 'show and tell' piece this year at Warley!

Keep at it and look forward to the next update
Looking good Peter

Cant wait to see the Bloomer (or is that Fungus now) in the flesh next month at Warley

Will be following this with interest
Thanks for the update Peter, the GWR centinary looks the dogs boll**ks and the Caley s progressing, not long till Warley

Still using the cooker hood for the extractor I see, your good lady must love u, I am not allowed to spray in the house and am banished outside, but guess thats not an option for you living where you do

See you in a few weeks

Love reading your bench thread Peter, i struggle with one progect at a time!!!

do u have any infor on the GWR loco beheind the B Class, looks like a Castle?

and how do u get away with having such a mess in the kitchen, my wife would freak...... i know u are strapped for space but when i do use the kitchen, i am not allowed to take over!!! your good lady must be one great woman
thanks for the update Peter, great work as normal, bet you cant wait to get the Nelson off the bench!!!!
the saint is looking the business Peter, looking forward to seeing it develope

hadnt noticed it was so long since the last update, time flys, is that the nelson still lurking above the saint? time it found its way home and away from u what with all the trouble it has given u!!!

keep the spirit up, modelling can have that effect on u when u just dont fancy it
Looking great Peter, but would expect nothing less from a man of your tallants

So whats the project for this years show and tell for Warley?

I have narrowed mine done to either a coach project I have been putting off for a few years or an 'addition' to a loco, which ever I choose, I had better get a crack on with it!!!
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