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an update on my bench.

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at the moment i have my usual mixture of stock!

3 test etches for the 3 types of maunsell TPO's being made up. for the first time i am going to try and represent the panelling on the sides. to my knowlage this has never been done.

5 Ratio GWR 4 wheelers nearly done. i have to do the interiors and send it off to have the transfers done (i dont do transfers!)

4 LMS arc roof bogie coaches they are just in their black undercoat which dosent show up very clearly.

And an LNER quad art

I hope the person who called me a "Trainset player" on the other thread is taking notes!

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Looking very good. Teak's always been a pig to reproduce
Very interesting. I've got a couple of Phoenix /BSL kits second hand in the cupboard as intended first coach kits (Well they were cheap and could fit well with something I've got involved with ) The need to scribe doors was worrying me slightly . A trip to Model Zone for a Tamiya scrawker seems in order

What gauge is the Quad Art set ?
The lining is impressive . I'm afraid I'm sticking to unlined liveries for any forays into coachbuilding
1 - 3 of 920 Posts
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