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I started when there was 3 rails on a track, I then went and got married twice, went OO, then N Guage, and I have now a 12 year old son who last weekend prized himself away from his Nintendo WII and said DAD can we build a Model Railway, oh I said I need to think about that, one tenth of a second later, okay then. ;-)

Anyway I had lots of Arnold track & points and a few locos packed away in boxes which we sat and unpacked then off we went for Base Boards & Cork Mats, CAD plan is being developed by 12 year old with input from DAD.


I need a Twin Analog transformer as I would like to keep the Locos I have for now Analog, but I am rather keen to use DCC in the future, I like the Fleischmann Profi-Boss is there a way that I can use Analog & DCC together ?

What do you think of the Profi Boss ?

What would I link this into to mix and match ?

Is there a better alternative ?



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***Hello Dave

You can have both however the best and safest way to do it is to alternate which system is in use at any one time, rather than have both connected at the same time.

If you use both at the same time then the two systems must never be allowed to contact each other electrically. The best way to do this is to have them on different parts of the layout and be sure that there is a dead section of track between them to prevent accidentally "crossing the gap" with a loco etc.

There are better products than Fleischmann, which may not cotinue all that long as a digital maker. If thats the sort of budget you have, look at the ESU ECOS system - nice to use and very up to date.

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