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Back in April this year the production company Special Treats commissioned Modelu to 3D scan and print the band XTC for a new documentary on the group. Being from Swindon and with band member Andy Partridge having an interest in figurines and models, they had the idea of filming the band in miniature at Pendon Museum

The finished 4mm scale figures were painted by myself and delivered for filming at Pendon in May. Myself and Alan from Modelu had the chance to see the documentary at a screening in Soho last month, with Pendon and the figures featuring regularly throughout the 70 minutes. Its an unusual and interesting way of using the hobby in a mainstream tv programme and its up against strictly and x-factor. So if you want to watch something a bit different from sequins and sob stories, featuring some excellent filming of Pendon, tune in on Saturaday evening.

XTC This is Pop airs this Saturday evening at 9pm on Sky Arts and if you want to see the Vale Scene occupied by 'one of Britian's most influentilal yet unsung bands', then don't miss it!

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An interesting project!
I find it fascinating where our modelling interests can take us, I occasionally remind my wife that without the skills I developed doing my modelling, I could never have started my own business, even though it's nothing to do with MR but manipulating materials and using tools got me there.
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