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Another grimey ,wet and rusty lover

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Hello everyone , ive been lurking in the background for a few weeks admiring all of the wonderful work going on on this forum , in particular on the 'on my layout' threads the quality of you guy's work is amazing and really inspiring for a first timer like myself .

Ive been into various forms of modelling since i was little , WW2 aircraft mainly , then in my early twenties on to flying scale model aircraft , which i still do weather permitting . Then for some reason i swapped to ww2 tanks and vehicles making several diaromas from scratch which i found deeply satisfing to construct , the big change came a few years ago when i was refurbishing a lift in a big cardiff department store and our main area of work was in their massive toy department , one lunch time i borrowed a hornby catalouge and the seed was planted .

Since then ive been very slowly building up stock and track as spare money allowed and am now nearly ready to start construction of a smallish layout (most likey on a 7x5 board ) not upto the wonderful layout sizes some of you guys are able to use but i'm hoping i can do a good enough job to feel brave enough to post up a few pics of my track as it comes along . Most of my wagon stock (ive yet to get any coaches ) has already been weathered and ive also built a few metcalfe kits in preperation . Its most likely to be sort of based around 1930/40 (i know very predictable) GWR stuff as ive a thing for small tank and pannier engines (for some reason the big stuff holds little interest to me) and almost certainly incorperating a scratch built Calne station area .

Anyway thats me , i hope you can all bear with me as i ask questions that ive been asked a 100 times before as i find my feet in my new hobby .

Cheers all and keep up the amazing work

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Hi Guy & welcome to MRF.

Look forward to seeing your progress - any questions, no matter how basic or silly they may seem, just ask away, shedloads of advice available here.
Hi Guy, welcome to the forum. Nice to have you onboard.


Welcome, Guy. Don't forget to check out the brilliant "resources" section that Doug has set up on the forum - the short cut to a lot of information, as is the "search" facility.

Hello and welcome to the Forum Guy

Please post some pictures to show your progress


Thanks for the warm welcome , i will post up some pics as things progress - still reading every thread i can at the moment .

Hello Guy, this is a great site, everyone is helpfull and patient. I've been here for a few weeks now and no ones shouted at me. (yet!)
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Hi and welcome
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