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Another hello from Scotland

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Hi guys. I'm principally a tramway modeller (Aberdeen in 00 and Central Europe between the wars in H0) but I am also (the shame of it) a wargamer and recently I built an armoured train for a Russian Civil War scenario we are taking to local shows this Autumn. This got me interested in Russian Railways of that period and now I'm retired (whoopee!) I've decided not only to get my tramways operational again but to build an end to end DCC Russian Railway in H0.

The problem, of course, is finding stock. The Bachmann Decapod is fine once I put buffers on it but apart from that there is only the Schetmash 0b 0-8-0 loco produced in Russia in the 1980s and 90s with the most appalling tender drive which flatly refuses to go over finescale points and is very noisy to boot. I managed to get one via Ebay in Germany but as it is it is virtuially unuseable. I'm hoping to get another from Red Star Models in USA which has had its tender replaced by a Fleischmann one. I'm told a replacement tender drive is now available from Modelldepo in Russia itself but I can't get any Russian retailer to reply to my emails at all. There would also seem to be a suitable Brawa 0-6-0 tender engine coming out this year but I learned about this from the Russian magazine Locotrans and my Russian is non existent so I am, as yet, unclear whether this 'turn of the century' loco actually ran in Russia then or whether it was one of the "trophy" locomotives the Russians took back with them after WW2. Apart from these three no one makes State locomotives of the WW1/RCW era. However local industrialists in Russia had a wide range of (mainly German) 0-4-0s and 0-6-0s available for their factories, quarries and mines and these would most likely have been comandeered by one side or another. But I know nothing about these. There seems to be a wide range of 0-6-0s available from this Epoch (even if they are in a later Epoch's livery) made by a range of companies like Rivarossi, Trix, Piko and Fleischmann but I can't find any reviews on the Net to tell me which is the best buy. Can any one here recommend any of them?

Coaches and freight are easier. There is a bogie coach of the period available in Russia for the amazing sum of £68.00! but one can pick up kits to build the very common 4 wheel coaches for about £15 - if I could only get the shop selling them to reply to my emails. For freight there is the 4-wheel closed wagon with central sliding door that one can see in almost every photograph of Russian trains up to about WW2 at least. These are available from a guy in St. Petersburg and sometimes on US Ebay. Russia also bought thousands of 40' bogie wagons from the US in 1914, hoppers, flats and boxcars and all that is needed is to put buffers onto the Bachmanns to make then Russian looking. A lot of these ended up as source material for armoured trains which is what I originally used them for.

Any help and information gratefully received. Its off to read up about DCC now. I got a Wireless Bachmann Dynamis system as one of my retirement gifts and its about time I took it out of the box.

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Hi Ken and welcome to MRF.

Off the top of my head I can't think of any specific Russian loco models of the steam era, although I believe Roco are producing a diesel or electric, can't remember which as I don't have the catalogue to hand. I believe there are also some resin kits available but could not say for certain who makes them.

Anyway, if you have any questions - fire away, you should get the answer from someone on here.

Hi from Edinburgh, Ken, chock-full of roadworks for months now for our new trams. They'd better be worth the wait.
Hi Ken, welcome to the forum. I'm from Fife but overseas at the moment. Sorry I can't help you with the information but I'm sure someone will have some ideas on the subject.


Fascinating range of interests! I missed the Aberdeen trams, but have vivid memories of the aged Daimler buses, especially the ones struggling up the Spital on the number 20 route. I am sure we'd all like to see any photos you could post of both the trams and the Russian engines.
Hi 1ngram and welcome to the MRF.

You have certainly given yourself a challenging theme for your layout and I wish I could help but, unfortunateley, it is well outside my own sphere of interest. Hopefully someonewill be able to help and I wish you well with your project. It would be such a shame if your project is stillborn due to lack of suitable kit.

Good luck,

Nice to see another Scot here - so Hullorerr


Hi Ken, and welcome to MRF
A russian layout? Not sure about that one, but if you post in the 'HO and International' section of the forum, some-one might know where you can get some Russian rolling stock. Hope this helps
Welcome to MRF Ken.

Enjoy the hobby & the forum.
Hi Ken and Welcome.

Aberdeen Trams? Well I was born there but left in 1959 aged 5 and I can just remember them! Only because my mum whacked me in Union Street for trying to board one before it stopped!!! Now living in East Anglia, but just returned from a long weekend visiting relatives in the warm north!! I have a couple of threads here about Aberdeen and for the first time in my life, I saw and photographed Waterloo Mud Oil Terminal. Don't like the new 'Joint' station building - lacks imagination and it is too small, at least the old sandstone structure is going under cover with the Union Square development and that should protect it.

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