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Hi, joined today, I've been modelling in N since the mid 1970s, but my first train was a Hornby 0 gauge clockwork 0-4-0T in around 1939 followed a year later by an electric Gauge 0 Hornby 4-4-2 posing as Flying Scotsman. (and people now moan at slight inaccuracies!!). Later worked my way down scale via 00 to end up with N.
Currently 2 layouts under construction, one of Broadstone Junction, the other no specific place, just an MPD inside an oval, partly as a test track partly for somewhere to park about 15 SR steam locos, mostly scratch built or hacked, plus an LMS 2P and 4F (via the S&DJR) period mid 1930s Maunsell olive livery. Previously had a loft layout 25' x 17' with Bournemouth West nearly to scale, so you can see East Dorset ex LSWR plus S&DJR is my main prototype interest.
Cheers MIKE
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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