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Hello All:

My name is Kal am I am a new member.

Some details about me: Got back into my child hood hobby after a twenty year absence about two years ago when I purchased the new A4 Mallard from Hornby (great model). I live in Virginia in the USA.

At the moment I have am collecting the newer Hornby products and building small diaroma's to display them in. So far I have an A4 Mallard, Class 50 Hood and the Princess Elizabeth 2004 model. Next on my list is a Class 50 Ark Royal, CLass 08 shunter and perhaps the NRM Flying Scotsman ( Good detail but I am not too happy with those blinkers). I hope Hornby releases more A4's in garter blue for next year. I model mainly a mix of LNER and BR during the 70's and 80's. Currently a layout is out of the question so that is why I am relearning my modelling skills by making the diaroma's. However, I am designing track plans for my future layout.

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