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Another newcomer

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Over the last 30+ years I have, with a few gaps and stops and starts, built 2 n gauge and 2 OO layouts. The main one for the last 17 years has been a reasonably extensive n gauge layout that pretty much filled my railway room - a good bigish double bedroom.

Lately the layout has tended to stagnate. I knew the room needed a carpet and decorating, and didn't think the layout would survive dismantling and reassembly - even though it was on 9 separate baseboards. Also I had become dissatisfied with the track plan, even though I'm really more interested in scenery and building buildings than details of railway practice. So although I've built a few buildings, progress has been pretty slow for a few years. I also built the second OO layout a year or two ago, so that's kept me busy. The n gauge layout kept working fine, right up to the end.

So 2 weeks ago I took the big step to dismantle it. It took several days and evenings but it is all gone now. I've lifted the 39 sets of points and miles of track - the ballast came off once wet, and some bits will be reusable. All the scratch-built buildings are intact - I junked most of the kit ones. I seem to have many boxes of stuff - miles and miles or wire - and fence by the yard after yard, figures, cars, switches etc etc.

The room will get a makeover now, and then what? Shall I build another? Probably but perhaps not at once. If I do it will be a bit smaller - one side of the room gives me nearly 15 feet by 2 or 3 feet - perhaps 4 feet even. Plenty of space. I envisage another tailchaser - I like to watch the trains go by really. I'm not sure how to make it a bit different from the last. That had a fiddle yard, 3 stations, (one a terminus) a small harbour and a viaduct. It needs to be fairly simple or it'll not get finished. Just one through station and definitely double track all round this time. Oh and I'd like to go DCC - how easy is this in N? Do the chips fit in the locos OK?

Once I get my card reader fixed I could post some photos of the old one if anyone is interested.
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Please to post photos of the layout as it is always good to see what others have built and to give others ideas for there own layouts.
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