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Another take on life

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I'm in the position of moving from employment to unemployment and hopefully back into employment and felt that I would like to have a hobby to help pass some of the time during this process.

Trains etc are something that I never did as a youngster but reading some of the various pieces of information posted on this and other boards it looks as this is a hobby that I can take to (with the support of others of course).

I just thought I'd like to say hello I'm based in Nottingham and am looking to glean good ideas for the layout that I hope to be building very soon

Thank you in anticipation

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Hi Philip and welcome to the MRF.

Bad luck on the unemployment situation and hope it is only a short-lived temporary scenario.

I think you will find railway modelling a very rewarding hobby but, be warned, it can become addictive. Have you decided on any particular scale or era yet ??

Look forward to seeing your progress and if you need any help or advice this is definitely the place to come.
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