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QUOTE (Robert Stokes @ 20 Jun 2008, 00:59) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>I have always modelled in OO gauge although always unhappy about the scale gauge discrepancy. (I know all about the historical reasons for this.) I realise that I could try EM or P4 if I had the patience and skill but I was recently dreaming of the possiblity of one day moving to a larger scale.

Then I read that O gauge is 7mm to the foot (why the mix of metric and imperial?) on 32mm gauge. This corresponds to almost 4ft 7in so is much more accurate than OO. By the way, since HO is supposed to be half O gauge I expected to find that O gauge was 33mm. Why isn't it?

The next thing I read was that gauge 1 (why not 1 gauge?) is 10mm to the foot with 45mm gauge. That corresponds to exactly 4ft 6in so is not even as accurate as O gauge or even EM which corresponds to just over 4ft 6.5in.

Why is this? One would have thought that with that sort of size you could have had a perfectly accurate gauge/scale combination. It means that even if I can afford it I won't be moving to that scale but might, just might, one day try O gauge.

Cheers, Robert.

***Most of the original gauges were never created to be overly accurate - they were arbitrary choices by tinplate Mfrs, and its the later emergence of "scale modellers" that led them towards greater accuracy. Additionally, you have to look across the globe to see the twists and turns towards standardisation for production and their compromises.

OO is a good example: Actually outside UK it was originally supposed to be 3/4" gauge and the US actually created a standard with 3/4~19mm gauge which many modellers adopted - this was overtaken in the immediate post war period and died, although there are still some superb US layouts to this gauge.

Gauge 1 is another - G scale, US Gauge i and EU gauge i are different - the EU ratio is pretty close to scale but US has the same sort of gross error as English OO...

Given the constant "Gauge wars" in UK, It amused me to read THIS on the US Aristocraft site as an excuse for geting it wrong... talk about selectively ignoring reality of living in a world of their own!!

"The English commonly use OO scale. OO scale is slightly larger then H.O. but still runs on HO gauge track.

Hornby and Bachmann Branchline trains produce OO scale and have 98% of the English market.

Not a word is said about the difference between scale vs. gauge and these two companies make amongst the most scale models in the world.

The discussion of the gauge in relation to the scale is a non-event as it is here with 1/29th. "

As to O scale - its only 7mm scale in places, the most prolific modelling in O is in 1/4" to the foot which is 1:48. Ignoring the classic tinplate stuff from anywhere there are actually at least SEVEN sets of "scale and semi scale" track standards for O scale - again, a couple from across the world but at least 4 of them are fighting among themselves in the UK - just like with 4mm scale.... nothing ever changes :)

Stick with HO if the compromises bother - its close enough and if you also make the odd modification to those things that really grate against reality (says he whispering the words cr**py inaccurate track and "flanges") then it becomes a nice easy way to acurate modelling.

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