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I've always wondered. Is there such a thing in model trains? Can we regard one loco as antique? What are the criteria for a model train to be regarded as antique? so on..

You know how it all starts. One way or another we all started off with a kind of start set that was either a gift or Pa bought you one but actually played himself before it was claimed by you.

Mine was the second. Pa bought me an "American Flyer" start set . I was five years old. 1959.
There was two brands in the states at that time. Lionel and American flyer all in "S" scale.
Lionel was the 3 rail AC system and the American Flyer ( also known as Gilbert and Co.) normal 2 rail system.
Lionel still continues as far as I know but American Flyer no longer exists.( not sure but think lionel bought them)
I still have that set plus with a lot of extensions that dad supposedly bought for me at that time.
and its still running.

Pictures below:

Now can I regard this as an Antique set or what?

1 - 2 of 17 Posts
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