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Well in the US much of Lionel's three rail stuff is regarded as a collectors item and anything from American Flyer or Marx is almost regarded as an antique. I've seen those collector shows on cable where some of these old sets are valued at phenominal prices especially if they have the original box. You shoild take it along to one of those auction shows and have it valued.


QUOTE (ebaykal @ 21 Apr 2007, 07:18) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>I've always wondered. Is there such a thing in model trains? Can we regard one loco as antique? What are the criteria for a model train to be regarded as antique? so on..

You know how it all starts. One way or another we all started off with a kind of start set that was either a gift or Pa bought you one but actually played himself before it was claimed by you.

Mine was the second. Pa bought me an "American Flyer" start set . I was five years old. 1959.
There was two brands in the states at that time. Lionel and American flyer all in "S" scale.
Lionel was the 3 rail AC system and the American Flyer ( also known as Gilbert and Co.) normal 2 rail system.
Lionel still continues as far as I know but American Flyer no longer exists.( not sure but think lionel bought them)
I still have that set plus with a lot of extensions that dad supposedly bought for me at that time.
and its still running.

Pictures below:

Now can I regard this as an Antique set or what?

1 - 1 of 17 Posts
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