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"Mine was the second. Pa bought me an "American Flyer" start set . I was five years old. 1959.
There was two brands in the states at that time. Lionel and American flyer all in "S" scale.
Lionel was the 3 rail AC system and the American Flyer ( also known as Gilbert and Co.) normal 2 rail system.
Lionel still continues as far as I know but American Flyer no longer exists.( not sure but think lionel bought them)
I still have that set plus with a lot of extensions that dad supposedly bought for me at that time.
and its still running"
"Now can I regard this as an Antique set or what?"

No matter what its called, it is certainly very "collectable".
The condition of your American Flyer and accessories is exceptionally good.
It certainly has real market value to collectors in that condition, so I'd continue look after it super well.
There is an American model train valuation book published by Greenebrg I believe - this may give you some indication.
Certainly I'd try to find a club or organisation in USA and qualify the value. Depending on the model and its model number, condition, packaging etc it may have a significant value that should be realised for insurance.

Or it may be enough for loksound for your entire "new empire" :)

Worth checking anyway!
1 - 1 of 17 Posts
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