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I have found a metal chest containing numerous TRI-ANG - HORNBY items that I know my father purchased as a job lot at an auction around 20 years ago. There is a lot of track- 00 gauge, some open some boxed, 2 boxed Hornby 902 power controls, 1 hornby 900 power control, 2 Princess Elizabeth steam engines, 1 class 254 engine and I diesal engine R758 (all unboxed). There are also unboxed carriages 2 x R229/224 , 2 x R29/221, R28, R29 and R23, 20 freight carriages of various description, 1 small station and 3 sets of semi - phor signals.

Do these have any value as a job lot as I want the space.

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You might get £70 to £90 excluding track and controllers. Track and controllers of this type have little value to dealers and its best to split it. Dealers have box loads of secondhand track and rarely want to invest in any more! You may get a few bob for the track if you advertise in a local paper that has a free advert section.

You may get more selling on Ebay however this all takes valuable time and how do you value your time. If you are a £50 an hour IT consultant then forget Ebay!

Its all down to condition at the end of the day. Loft storage will not have helped and dealers have to assess how much time they will have to spend getting stuff into a saleable condition. The locos, coaches and rolling stock are likely to need a good scrub to get rid of all the dust etc and there may be bits missing or damaged.

Happy modelling

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Rails of sheffield always advertise that they buy second hand stuff but i doubt it will sell as a job lot they will probably be interested in a few items but not all as the previous poster suggested splitting up might be easier although it sounds as if most of what you've got there are very common items and don't fetch good prices

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Some old Triang?hornby can fetch good prices depending on condition/rarity/box. If you have time trawl eBay, "watch" 3 or 4 similar items to get an idea of value.

When you get an idea of value you can then decide.

There are a number of Yahoo groups interested in old Triang/Hornby.

Hope this helps.

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