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Archangel Model

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I have been given (on permenant loan) An Archangel prince of wales 0 gauge manufactured approx 1982-83
internally fired meths ,2 outside cylinders thats the only specifications I have for it
I have no instruction manual, I belive there may be some bits missing ie the two tanks on the side ,probably water tanks, have a hole at the top front
can anyone tell me if the manufacturer still exists or does anyone have any information on this model
any help appreciated
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Stewart Browne took some time out from the hobby but is back again and might be willing to look at your old loco:

He is still producing some 16mm scale locos but the service much more bespoke these days. The Prince of Wales locos were powerful and reliable and the two holes may be where the tank fillers were located.

"I just came up with this as well - Google also shows a reference to 60134's blog on the same page."

Blimey! I'm famous!

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1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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