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I have to say that most of my adhesion issues are related to steam loco's. A sad fact is that most are of the newer loco drive type as well. I have a pair of spam cans, one will haul anything you put behind it whilst the other one plods around at around one third of the actual wheel speed. My new A4 from the Northumbrian set went on strike when i coupled my entire crimson/cream gresley rake of 11 carriages behind it. I daren't try the A1 and A3 with that many on. The A1 and 3 occasionally trip up on points, usually the terrible setrack curved points in the direction where the points are facing. The new LNER pacific leading truck weighs bog all and is even more floppy than its predecessor.As far as motors are concerned I find it odd that the state of the art loco motor is little more than has been propelling scalectrix cars for donkeys years and indeed is essentially the same as is used for menial tasks in the motor trand such as driver adjustable headlights!
State of the art more state of the ark
Reviewers and modellers alike spent years moaning about tender drives and the unrealistic nature of them yet isn't it typical that they can outhaul their loco drive counterparts partly due to their traction tyres and non nickel silver wheels.
If you want to improve adhesion you could always try putting sand on the track!!
1 - 1 of 62 Posts
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