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QUOTE (neil_s_wood @ 29 Mar 2007, 06:49) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Is that lamp for sale?

Very nice

I am also into Scalextric whenever we get thye chance to set it up. I also do boats as well, wooden ones.

I'm not going to get this into a bottle in a hurry though.

Hello neil.

Technically the lamp is not for sale but i can always make another one if someone makes me an offer. like my other craft things, i make things that i like for my own flat but sometimes someone comes over and likes a lamp or a mosaic and they end up walking out with it!

Your ship is fantastic. i really admire people who can do things in wood. i have tried several times but it always seems to split or snap or splinter or the nails dont hold or the glue goes funny........
Mabye i will try again one day. i have this little plan for making about 6 train cabinates along the lines of picture pride. i figure for the cost i could buy all the tools and materials and still have quite alot left over.

Out of interest, what ship is it?

1 - 2 of 37 Posts
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