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I like;

Clandestine radio (ODD)
Shortwave Radio numbers stations (SAD and ODD)
The effects of drugs and the mind (God knows how I wanted to know about this, but it is rather facinating. That said, i would never be foolish enough to try it myself)
Anything Mechanical (Something like an electric motor can hold my attention for hours)
Physics (love it.)
Anything old and/or historical
Communism (Don't ask, Just don't. I really dont know why/how I got interested in something like this)

And there always will be the trains

I'm just another normal 15 year old...

Jeorge, who is recovering from a serious accedent: My new Egger Bahn loco just took a nose dive off of my desk (damaged coupling - fixed now) I nearly cried....
1 - 1 of 37 Posts
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