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Are some UK model shops trying to go bankrupt?

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Over the last month I've noticed several well known online dealers repricing their old stock to new levels far in excess of the actual euro/£ price conversion. Do they actually believe that if something sat on their shelf for the last two years or so and didn't move that by increasing its price by 33% or so that it will suddenly fly off the shelf especially in todays economic conditions. I for one as a matter of principle would never buy old stock at a new silly level, its pure daylight robbery.
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***They buy it up front - if its an import rather than from a local wholesale, its paid for before it leaves the sellers hands. Smaller retailers are less likely to have positive pament terms than larger stores.

Costs are high everywhere for retailers, especcially in the UK, so don't be too hard on them - particularly the smaller shops, who probably pay up to 30% more than the big box movers for the same stock, when the box movers volume / plus short and log term incentive discounts and advertising subsidies are taken into account.

The only ones who have low costs are online retailers... who do not also have a retail store.... they can afford to discount as they have almost no overheads.


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