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Aristocraft 66

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Well at the Moors valley G scale weekend we were able to borrow the bachmann 66 and have a play. These are paint samples so don't worry about minor specific details as there are things like steps in the wrong place etc.

Runs beautifully and looks great!

poor pic of the container wagons with the DRS one behind.

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Size comparison

Here are the switches

And what it looks like on R3, 4ft Radius (8ft diameter)
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Very nice - thanks for the pic's.

Hope they will be doing some European mainland versions - I'll have a couple please !
I had a play with one of these a couple of months ago and I have to say that even on 4' 6" radii the bogies didn't half stick out! However, it's a good looking beast and with Aristo's promised refinements I reckon they'll sell quite a few.

QUOTE (idd15 @ 3 Aug 2007, 23:25) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>What is the min radius for these?
4 ft radius, (8ft Diameter)
These locos realy are amazing value at around £299 in some shops
I will be watching future developements with great interest.
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Be interesting to do a back to back comparison with the Piko BR218 currently running outside - anyone on the SE got a 66 ?
Bachmann released this information today:
QUOTE Aristocraft Class 66 ready for duty

Bachmann Europe PLC has today begun distributing the Aristocraft large scale Class 66 locomotive to its dealer network.

The model which is to 1/29th scale and suitable for use on Gauge 1 and G scale railways is superbly engineered and includes ball bearings on all axles, 2 motors on each power bogie, interior cab lighting to show the cab interiors, DCC and RRC ports fitted, an operating smoke unit and bright LED directional lighting featuring both headlight styles.

British versions include EWS, Freightliner, GBrf and Malcolm Logistics liveries. The RRP of each locomotive is £388.

Intermodal twin container wagons are also being developed by Aristocraft to support the Class 66 locomotive.

Further details can be obtained from your Bachmann dealer.
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