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Hello Tom and welcome to the forum

What would you like to know?

Arnold did a TGV Sud Est in orange and silver versions, and also as Thalys. The Thalys was a set of 4 cars and produced in 2000. I don't think Arnold ever did intermediate coaches with the Thalys livery. However Kato, who make a better TGV I would say (although some people question the shade of orange...?) did the Thalys as a six car set and also did a 4 car expansion set to take it to full length. I have a full length orange Kato TGV and have to say it's a very good model, coupling distance of the power coaches to the passenger coaches aside! Also I did a review on how to convert it to digital here at 1zu160 (also available on Eurofima Prima! with complementary garbled German

Try looking in the Spurweite-N database:

Hint: type 'thalys' in the Beschreibung box, you will get four matches, and also reviews in German of both the Kato and Arnold models!! Google translate at the ready?

Hope this helps!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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