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Arnold Spares?

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I came across this site today which seems to indicate spares for Arnold in it's present incarnation as well as it's previous.
It might be the type of site to bookmark:

I hope this is of interest to someone.
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Absolutly. Cheers Oz....
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Very interesting. Now can you find a site for Piko spares?
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QUOTE (poliss @ 8 Dec 2007, 12:50) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Very interesting. Now can you find a site for Piko spares?

Probably depends on if you need early or later spares ?
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Piko n scale spares, don't think there are late spares.:)
Christian Krella, at, is excellent! I now have three new motors, one for a 93 2-8-2T, the same as a spare for an Ibetren KofIII remotoring project, another for an 18 4-6-2 and three new dome covers (two for the spares box) for the 93 for 106 Euros. Prices for a motor seem to be around 30 Euros on average.
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