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Atlantic Coast Express

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Hello folks

I friend of mine is writing a book on the Atlantic coast express and he is appealing for any origonal pictures you may have.

Particularly the train itself, in amy persion right through from LSWR to BR days and main features along the route. particularly infrastructure and any pictures you have of the forllowing stations....

We are not just looking for pictures of the ACE itself but also pictures taken along the route.

If you do happen to have any pictures that you may feel are relevant please dont hesitate to get in touch.

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Their are two very good books that cover all of the above ,Branch lines to Torrington and Line to Torrighton as this book has all the stations down the line .
Has lot of pics and track planes the only down side is that this book is out of print,but you can get it through your libarary .
As i am making a model of Torrington in 1956/57 Lines to Torrington is like my bible ,lots of pics of station building engine shed and good shed .
And this book has all the track plans for all of the stations you asked for.

Hope this is some help.
All the best
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