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I decided to buy a model of of an Australian diesel I like as it's not the best looking loco out there. The model is of an Australian National Railway EL class 6 axle diesel. These locos were built in 1990 and numbered 14. They were used to haul freight across the continent. Following privatisation of ANR in 1997 most of these locos were mothballed in WA but were later sold to Chicago Freight leasing who in turn leased the locos to other operators. The locos were built at Gonninan's plant at Broadmedow in Newcastle, NSW. They had GE 7-FDL12 engines rated at 3300hp.

This is really good model with etched metal grills and vents and host of under body detailing not seen. It has prerformed wire grabs, detailed cab with crew,lights and the rest of the gear associated with modern diesels. The model comes DCC ready and I fitted a TCS DP2X which is a direct plug type decoder perfectly suited for a model like this.

I also purchased some wheat hoppers for it to haul as it would look lonely running by itself.

Charles Emerson
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I've seen a few of these at the rail shows and they are very good. The detail is excellent. I have been very tempted too and I don't model Aussie outline. I was thinking about one of the VR diesels that's coming.
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