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QUOTE (Makemineadouble @ 5 Feb 2008, 07:23) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>knowing this design well I would mount the decoder in the tender and make the tender to loco a permanent coupling. You would need to cut a channel under the body and into the tender for the wires to enter. I think the potential for over heating with loks sound decoders a problem so close to the motor, as they are reputed to melt the protective wrap with continuous running. Consider a nice flat speaker in the tender as ideal for producing the best possible sound. I really think your solution of a speaker in the cab to be grossly ugly. Ok you will need to rebuilt the tender top with plasticard and a coal load, but it will look better. Finally the cab of any steam loco is intended for the crew. If you think space is a problem consider I have a installed a even larger decoder and flat speaker in a Bachmann K3 tender, and the sound was deafening unless cut down a bit.

Will 'any' of the loksound wrappers melt with prolonged use or were you just making reference to this particular one/


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