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I saw this item for sale on Ebay. This was a limited run by Austrains and has not been available since 2002 when the last run ceased.

This would make a valuble addition to any Aussie outline modeller or for the modern image modeller who would like something more exotic.

It is being sold here.

Austrains NR Class Trailerail

Model new as bought from Austrains.

Has only been test run when first received. It has been in it's original box since purchase.

Highly detailed 1/87 HO scale model.

Length: (Over pilots) 245mm

Height: 50mm

Width: 35mm

Five-pole skew wound motor fitted with two brass flywheels driving all wheels through delrin worm and gear train with sintered bronze bearings.

Electrical pickup on all 12 wheels.

RP25 wheels

Comes with Kadee compatible coupler fitted

Standard European hook and loop supplied

This model was a limited run and was sold out some time ago. This model is no longer available from Austrains.

An excellent opportunity to buy a rare limited run model.

This is a deal not to be missed!

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Nice livery, but the model does not look all that impressive to me.

The bogies look like a very basic molding with little relief.

Most of the lights look like they have been painted on?

Maybe it's because of the rarity that it has now reached £95, but I think I'll pass.

Always good to see something a bit different on here though.
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