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Autieul Station

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Here is my interpritation of Autieul on the Aramac Tramway. There is some modellers license as I don't believe the road was that close in real life. The building and road vehicle have not been attached yet. The building is scratchbuilt entirely from styrene and painted in Humbrol paints. Track is Peco 12mm as the Aramac Tramway used 1067mm track the same as Queensland Rail. Autieul was one of two stations on the tramway with out any points or sidings.
The Holden stationwagon is a resin casting a mate of mine made. I want to add 1 or 2 trees and some telegraph/telephone poles and I am also scratchbuilding a basic Fairmount trolley and trailer and painting 2 emus to go on it. The emus are the feathery kind not a lost Brisbane suburban train.
As per the prototype there is no ballast on the track and is not perfectly straight. Though what wagons I have built will roll down it without problem. All going well This diorama should slot into place when I eventually get to build my layout.

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That looks pretty good Geoff. It would be nice to see it with trees and emus once you get them done.
QUOTE (john woodall @ 25 Apr 2008, 06:59) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Where do you get HO emu's from?

Preiser? I'm 90% certain they are in the zoo range.

The emus are by Keroby models that do whitemetal Australian accesories. The emus come in a pack with 2 emus, 2 wombats and 2 koalas.
There looks to be some cool stuff from Kerroby Models.

Not that there were any running wild in 1920's Germany, but the crocs would add some interest!

eventually went with only one tree and 2 telegraph poles. I am happy with the way it has turned out and will use it as an entry int he model rail comp in the local agricultural show in June. The fairmount trolley is very basic and can be removed from the rail when I need it to (ie when this forms part of my layout) . The Aramac tramway used to use one of their trolleys to run small goods and passengers on days the train didn't run, until they crashed it oneday and bought a Landrover.

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