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Hi Forum Members,

We are forever talking about after sales service and I would like to bring a pleasant experience to your attention.

About two years ago I purchased an Aztek double action airbrush that gave me hours of trouble free operation. However on 24/02/2007 the airbrush malfuntioned and upon opening it I found that the link between the nozzle and trigger has for some reason broken.

I sent a letter setting out the problem together with some pictures and proof of purchase to The Testors Corporation (makers of Aztek airbrushes).

On 30/03/2007 I received a complete replacement body from The Testors Corporation. I think it is a
for Testors.

Just thought I should let the Forum know. Anybody out there with a similar experience?

Kind regards.


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Brilliant Johan,
I must say I've been delighted with my Aztek since purchase, I was so pleased with it I gave my Badger of 20 years away (Harry Olwage got it). I also recently acquired a sand blaster for cleaning up old paint work, it just one of those gadgets that I couldn't resist. Shopping for tools at shows here is a pleasure even Annemarie enjoys it ...
enjoy Easter
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