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Babz Swiss / German Loft Layout Project

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Well I had my Loft converted in November Last year for to create my Railway, The Baseboards are being Installed on Monday next week I am very fortunate to be able to afford such a space, But the main thing in mins was Security for my collection as i collect Ho and N Gauge Swiss and German. So from a blank canvas i hope i will be able to create something for my Pleasure. I will give updates when i can and as i am retired it should not be a problem. Babs

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Hi Babs,
Just a quick note to say "Hello"!
It's "Allegheny1600" here, I got locked out of this site for quite a while and I couldn't get back in no matter what I tried so a new identity it was!
I'm so sorry to read of your woes, that sounded very painful when the loft ladder fell, all better now I hope?
Good to see that you've kept going, that's a lovely station you have there.
All the best,
Hi Babs,
Oh wow! Those two locos are something to be treasured, they are both fantastic. I honestly don't know which would be my favourite, I love steam but equally love older elloks!
I would also say that Trix is my favourite brand now, they are just so robust and have good customer service. I used to love Fleischmann but since we 'lost' them, I moved on.
Best regards,
Hi Babs,
It’s been too long since I visited your topic, sorry!
I am very happy to hear that you’re making progress, even at the expense of pain, hopefully some paracetamol or something takes care of that.
I don’t usually get excited about Swiss stuff but those Maerklin coaches of yours look superb, hope you enjoy running them soon.
All the best,
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1 - 3 of 133 Posts
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