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Bachman/Hornby entering dcc

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have been in model railways for 3 years ,when the ez dcc system came out i bought a bachmans goods set complete with 2 engines to see if dcc was the way to go ,after a week the advantages over dc in my opinion were worth the cost i then converted 12 locos by fitting bachman decoders .
never had any problems, what i can't understand is why hornby are having all the problems, all the forums are full of it ,decoders which can't be progammed by other systems easily, my local dealer has had problems .
hornby select would appear to have a problem. local dealer had a hornby dcc day last month hornby were showing the elite unit which appeared to work ok i asked the rep if hornby decoders could be reprogammed by other dcc systems was told that it should not be a problem .
when the gaugemaster dcc system came out i upgraded to that and have been very happy with it ,my point is if i had started with problems with dcc i would have gone back to dc, most people are not technical they just want to plug the system in and run it with out any technical problems .
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Sound approach Mike, do you have plans to buy and Elite Mike ? or will you upgrade to something more specialised ?.
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