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bachmann 158

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hi i have problems with my class 158s because i am trying to make 4 or 6 car units by
using string would anyone be able to help me on what else to do
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I think the best answer is to try Kadee couplings, these couplings can be opened and closed by magnets on or under the track. They fit where the original coupling is, so you will need to remove the moulded one, but don't look the same. This is how I intend to couple mine together, when I get round to it, perhaps someone who has actually done it is best placed to advise, but thats my thoughts.
On the subject of the Bachmann 158 does anyone know of Bachmann have improved the un realistic front lights on the newer models, or does anyone make an aftermarket product to make the lights look more realistic.

As far as I know the lights have not changed, try Express Models for DCC lights or possibly DC lights
I've added Kaddee couplings to classes 156, 158 and 170. The couplings I used where no.5s. For fittment on a 158 you need to remove the orginal plastic couplings and the raised area round the locating pin for it, this is much easier of you remove the body. If its a car with a metal I just put plastic card round it to give a flat surface to locate the coupling on. You will need a height gauge to check the coupling levels. I then jus secured the couplings with super glue, as they shouldn't be under to much pressure. just be mindful that when reattaching the body that the coupling has to go through the orginal coupling hole.

Points to note:
- unless you have very large corners you will not get close coupling on the straight. The couplings don't extend on corners, so the back of the coupler knucle should be level with the front of the gangway. On 170s its more a case of guessing. Also with 170s the snowplough under the main body needs to be adapted to allow the coupler to fit.
- Height matters alot to the couplers, so always test your couplings before use! Some of the uncoupler pins may catch on code 100 point work, a problem which is easily solved by snipping off the bottom of the pin. Just be careful as you need most of the pin there to automatically uncouple the units.
- They will NOT go round radius one curves. All curves ideally need checking before use, especially raduis two curves. My units can handle radius 2 curves, but have a tendency to "twist" on the tightest spots. If your in doubt fit a couple of wagons with Kaddees using a temporary fitment (blu-tak maybe?) and test the corners. The same applies to point work they won't go through Hornby points but go fine through Peco points even complex double slip and three way points.

Hope this helps, Michael
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what website can you buy these kadee couplers from?
There should be a few suppliers, but no. 5's are £2.65 a pair at Express models. (click on 'express models' on my last post)

Or type 'Kadee couplers' into google.
hi thanks to everybody that has helped

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