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Bachmann 2006 Decision Finalised!

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Model Rail Forum can exclusively reveal that Bachmann and Graham Farish have now decided on their release schedule for 2006. This will be unveiled on the Bachmann and Graham Farish websites at 12:00 noon on Wednesday 25th January. Final decisions about which models to go with have literally only been made in the last 24 hours.

Model Rail Forum will be covering the story as it unfolds. Following on from the big announcement we will have full coverage here on the day, and in the days that follow. This will include an exclusive insight into Bachmann 2006 as Bachmann have agreed to meet with Model Rail Forum.

Bachmann has announced that Dennis Lovett has been appointed as Bachmann's Public Relations Manager. Dennis was the Deputy Director of Corporate Affairs at Virgin Trains.

2006 promises to be a classic year for new releases with many old favourites making a welcome return or being upgraded. Is this trend set to continue?

Happy Modelling

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It will be interesting to see what Dennis Lovett does for Bachmann.

The current Marketing manager also is responsible for sales, so he probably doesn't have too much time to talk to magazines and sites like ours.

I for one will be looking forward to more dialogue with Bachmann.
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The fact that the 2006 program has only been decided in the last 24 hours is not a surprise. The fact that it won't arrive until 2007/2008 shouldn't be a surprise either!

I'm quite sure Bachmann announce models with very little actual work or research being done in the hope of scaring off the competition. Hornby called their bluff over the Grange.

I too hope this new appointment will allow more info to be exchanged between us & bachmann.Hopefully to get models right!Also reasons for delays or decisions not to produce things after they have been announced e.g van wide wagon.Looking forward to the toy fair news my wallet is already our temping with the new Hornby Models!
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Hopefully this might mean an improvement in customer relations if some of the negative comments from retailers are right. I wonder speaking of PR how many newbies to the modelling world have even heard of anyone other than hornby. The power of advertising springs to mind. As for the finalizing of this years range perhaps one or two rethinks have been necessary to avoid clashes again. Are they going to seriously look at making more of the existing range of loco's DCC ready at the very least if not chipped from the factory.
As an aside does anyone know who is the manufacturer of bachmanns latest 2 function decoder as it looks totally different to the old lenz ones used previously?
It could be that Bachmann had it narrowed down to an either/or situation and it was pretty much down to which might be the more popular. There may have been a few livery decisions to make and it clearly helps if you know what the opposition are up to as you can then offer something that complements all products from all manufacturers in the forthcoming modelling year which surely has to be a good thing for the hobbyist and for Bachmann.

Hornby have had their traditional moment of fame and now its time for Bachmann to have theirs. Not too long now.

Happy modelling
Unless my memory is playing tricks with me, I seem to recall in Railway Modeller in the late 1970s there was a layout with a photo of two chaps "caught paying trains". One was Austin Daly, the other Dennis Lovett. The chances of this being the same Dennis who now works for Bachmann - very likely. I also seem to recall that there was a blue Pullman shown on the same layout. Its doubtful that I still have that magazine, but does anyone else remember this? Maybe Dennis will get Bachmann will produce a blue Pullman before Hornby get round to releasing theirs?
One thing is certain, whatever new models are in the pipeline and reliverying of old existing one the vast majority will be in early or late crest BR liveries rather than those of the big 4 where applicable. Or maybe it just looks that way in the catalogues(always the BR ones in the pics). They could pull off a major coup and announce a HST set. Imagine hornby then 2 old and obsolete versions in their combined hornby and lima ranges and another opportunity well and truly missed, still they could always do another Virgin liveried one, oh they already are
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