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I've been looking through the 2007 Bachmann catalogues that I've just received as they were not available at the Nürnberg Toy Fair.

The portrait format is interesting. It sets itself apart from Hornby and their landscape format catalogue. I collected quite a few catalogues at the German toy fair and the tendency was towards landscape or even square catalogues. The trends that I notices were that the scenic guys go for portrait and the train guys go for square or landscape.

Both the Branchline and Farish catalogues feature photos of prototype locos on the cover. It makes you think twice about what the contents may contain. The Hornby catalogue cover (see 4th image) shows without doubt that it is a model railway catalogue.

I found the Bachmann catalogues to have a rather greenish tone to it. It may be the fault of the printer, but then again some photos seen before of Bachmann models have the same tone. As most of the images seem to be shot in the same studio, I would hazard a guess that their lighting or camera setup is to blame. It's a pity as it makes many locos look a bit sombre and off-colour.

For comparison, for those that perhaps haven't seen it, this is the 2007 Hornby Catalogue cover:

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