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Bachmann 2007

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Bachmann Europe PLC announced new models today (24th January 2007) at the opening of the 2007 British Toy & Hobby Fair held at ExCel in London's Docklands.

The OO scale Bachmann Branchline range sees the addition of one new steam locomotive, the much requested G2a Class 0-8-0 better known as Super Ds (left). These will be joined by the Class 150 diesel multiple unit, 4Cep electric multiple unit, Class 66/9 diesel, Ivatt 2MT 2-6-0, Standard 76000 2-6-0 and the LMS 4-6-0 locomotives (Patriot, Rebuilt Patriot, Royal Scot, Rebuilt Royal Scot and Jubilee). In addition Bachmann will be introducing 3 new wagon types (VDA, BDA bogie bolster and a series of ventilated vans).

In N gauge, Graham Farish are introducing two new steam locomotives, one new diesel locomotive, two modern high speed diesel multiple units and five new wagon types. 2007 will also see the delivery of the Class 150 diesel multiple unit, Class 42 Warship diesel, the Standard Class 3MT 2-6-2, Jubilee Class 4-6-0 and the Stanier coaches previously announced.

The Underground Ernie range of OO gauge electric trains will also be expanded considerably following the successful launch of the Circle train set last November. Additional trains in the form of Bakerloo, Jubilee and Victoria will be added, along with a range of track packs, buildings and accessories to complete the track mat included with the initial set.

The new Dynamis Digital Control System was also launched and this will be available in the Spring. The new system is fully NMRA compliant.

Garden Railways will also see a major boost during 2007 with the release of the Class 66 locomotive by Aristocraft and the development of intermodal wagons for it to pull.

New models will also appear in the Liliput, Bachmann American and Bachmann Chinese ranges and these will be announced at Toy Fairs over the next few weeks.

Graham Hubbard, Managing Director of Bachmann Industries PLC states '2007 promises to be even busier than last year when we introduced many new products and gained the world wide license for Underground Ernie. For the first time at a London Toy Fair we can show not only our highly regarded scale models but a range that will interest toy retailers. Our Underground Ernie range offers excellent value for money and provides plenty of play opportunities as well'.

Further news from the Toy Fair:

Bachmann to produce Super D 0-8-0

Bachmann Europe PLC announced today (24th January 2007) at the opening of the 2006 British Toy & Hobby Fair held at ExCel in London�s Docklands that a London & North Western Railway G2a Class locomotive is to be produced. These locomotives are better known as Super D�s.

The building of the first London & North Western 0-8-0 locomotive commenced in 1892 to Webb�s design and a total of 509 locomotives went on to be built with modifications under the leadership of Whale, Bowen-Cooke and Beames. Further modifications were carried out under Hughes and Stanier. Initially conceived as a three cylinder compound they were followed by four cylinder versions after which Whale set about converting them to two cylinder simple engines. Whilst some locomotives retained the original boiler, others were fitted with the G Class boiler. Beginning in 1912 a superheated boiler was introduced.

The last development of the 0-8-0s was the introduction of the G2 Class in 1921 to the design of Charles J. Bowen-Cooke, though the order was placed under the tenure of Captain H.P.M. Beames, who succeeded Bowen-Cooke as Chief Mechanical Engineer.

The G2 �s were introduced between November 1921 and October 1922 and were a development of the earlier G1 Class. During their careers the locomotives received a Belpaire firebox to replace the round top design they received initially.

The locomotives worked all over the former London & North Western sections of the LMS and later British Railways. They were particularly useful pulling heavy freight trains on steeply graded routes including Shap and routes in Central and South Wales. Indeed the Class could be found from Abergavenny to Carlisle and just about everywhere else in between.

The first locomotives were withdrawn in 1947, with 478 locomotives passing into British Railways ownership the following year. With the introduction of diesels after 1955, major withdrawals commenced. The last of the class was withdrawn in 1964. One locomotive number 49395 was preserved and forms part of the National Collection. It has recently undergone a major overhaul at Pete Waterman�s Crewe works.

Three models are being produced. These are No. 49395 in BR black with early crest and enclosed tender (31-475), No. 9301 in LMS black with tender back cab (31-476) and No. 49094 in BR black with late crest (31-477DC) which has DCC ON BOARD. The recommended retail price will be �85.95 (DCC ON BOARD version �97.95).


Underground Ernie network undergoes rapid expansion programme

Following the successful launch of its first Underground Ernie 'Circle' train set in November 2006, Bachmann Europe today announced a major expansion programme for 2007.

Bachmann Europe Plc concluded licensing arrangements with Joella Productions the creators of the Underground Ernie television service in April 2006. Since then the company has developed a range of electric train sets aimed at the younger age group (3+) with a high play value.

Graham Hubbard, Managing Director of Bachmann Europe Plc said today 'this is the first time that we have attended the London Toy Fair with a toy product to support our model ranges. Underground Ernie has created considerable excitement and we were delighted to be able to deliver product in time for Christmas. We believe Underground Ernie will grow in popularity over the next twelve months and we are in a position to announce a rapid expansion programme which will attract a whole new generation to electric train sets'.

The new products include: Bakerloo and Victoria, track packs, buildings and accessories.
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Duplication of Hornby's new Rebuilt Royal Scot and Rebuilt Patriot, and existing Patriot and VDA, and Dapols new Voyager

Still nothing for the ER.

No new coaches this year - specifically no Mk2 aircon

I think I'd prefer it if they filled in some gaps rather than trying to attack other manufacturers' ranges
Frankly, I would have thought that the ROD/LNER 04/GWR 9XXX class 2-8-0 would have been a much better choice. There are far more livery variations and subclasses than the G2A, and there is still no heavy freight loco produced for the LNER. LMS fans already have the 8F.

It is high time the LMS 4-6-0s were revamped and I hope that the B1 and V2 will get the same treatment next year.

QUOTE (Colombo @ 24 Jan 2007, 13:39) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>LMS fans already have the 8F.

Ah but you can legitimately run an 8F in LNER black for the immediate post war period as they took a few of the ex WD variants.


Definatly looking forward to the class 411s as well as the DCC Sound 37s. Just wish they could have done a GBRf Metronet 66 instead of 2 DRS ones in OO.

Its good to see that in N they are doing the meridian and the pioneer (Can we PLEASE have them in OO in 2008?), but one feels the voyager is a wasted effort as the Dapol one will probably be superior to it. Lots of interesting wagons as well including the JGAs which will look nice behind the 60s. Talking of which no sign of any new liveries this year either which is a let down.
Has the Scenecraft range of buildings (Bachmann's proposed version of Skaledale & Lyddle End) died the death? - I can't see any mention of it

Best wishes to all,

QUOTE (Ravenser @ 24 Jan 2007, 13:31) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Duplication of Hornby's ... VDA.
No new coaches this year - specifically no Mk2 aircon

Shame about the Mk2 aircon coaches. Even if they'd announced them, it would have been late 2008 before they would have arrived, according to the usual timescales.
I suppose it'll be another 3 or 4 years before there's any chance of seeing them now. BAH!

The Hornby VDA's are poor 1970's/80's models and by modern standards fall well short.
I don't think there are any in the range at the moment?

As we know, Bachmann are very good at modern wagons and if the samples of the VAA and VBA seen at Warley are anything to go by, the VDA will be far ahead of the crude old Hornby toy.
This kind of duplication is positive.

Now I'll have to decide what to do with the 30+ Hornby VDA's I have awaiting conversion ????
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QUOTE (Jennings @ 24 Jan 2007, 13:54) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Just wish they could have done a GBRf Metronet 66 instead of 2 DRS ones in OO.

Kernow models have already ordered a Metronet version as a ltd edition so bachman cant do 1 this year.

A preproduction model has already gone off to kernow for scruteneering.

Maybe this is a quiet year new models wise but maybe thats because they are reacting to our criticisms over long lead times. Remember that some of the 2006 range has still to arrive like the 2MT ,47 ,4MT and 150.

The Super 'D' has been much requested and there was disappointment when it didn't appear last year, so they have obviously listened.

For me the stars are 3 car 108s and new variants of 9F

But look at the contrast on DCC policy between the big two. Here we have a clear statement from Bachmann
about DCC going forward and the fact they have no intention deserting their DC supporters. This in clear contrast to Hornby "all new locos from 2007 will be DCC Fitted!"

Well done Bachmann!


I think not as Hornby have been working on theirs for some time as reported elswhere. It has been suggested that Bachmann made their earlier announcement about these to take the wind out of Hornbys Sails(Sales?)
yes , good news , I`ll be getting a super D for certain ,and the new DCC kit is looking good , also clear cut policy statement about updating older locos for DCC ........excellent although I would have liked an LNER loco as well ......still can`t complain.
I am Looking forward to the EMU, but any idea when we will get it

disappointed that there are no new coaches announced, as we need more coaches especially pre BR.

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Can't see how I can use any of the offerings on my GWR/BR 1950's layout. That's Hornby and Bachmann now. Perhaps us GWR guys have had it good for too long, but I agree that a GWR 9XXX would have made more commercial sense.
Looking at it again , the only disappointments I can see are no new Class 45s with nose seem and no blue 108s. Looks like they are forcing us down the Modelzone route!

QUOTE (rb277170 @ 24 Jan 2007, 20:11) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Looking at it again , the only disappointments I can see are no new Class 45s with nose seem and no blue 108s. Looks like they are forcing us down the Modelzone route!



they are doing both a 2 car and 3 car 108 in Green and Blue/grey, 4 in all
I wonder whose DCC Ready Rebuilt Scots will be the first land? Hornby or Bachmann?

I'm pleased to see another A1 variation in the list. For some reason I just don't like the "Great Central" nameplate and crest, so an alternative is welcome to me.

I definitely have room for a Jubilee or two and then there's another trio of 9Fs, and a B1 and....

I could spend some money with these guys this year.

I'm a bit disappointed that they haven't announced any steam dcc sound. Oh well maybe next year.
I am quite surprised that bachmann are doing the freightliner/shanks livery after it was a limited edition by Kernow models but i will still be getting one and that Farish are doing Eddie the engine even though it was reported that Dapol had the only licence for it in N gauge.

As far as I can see it's not clear what is going to be DCC ready. For instance the G2 has a model number 31 at the beginning which is the 'Branchline' prefix, wheras it is only the current 'Blue Ribband' range which are DCC ready, I hope that this means that the 'Branchline' new models will be DCC ready.

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