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More images and press releases are to be found on page 2 of this topic (here).

Windhoff MPV
The unique Windhoff multi-purpose rail vehicle (MPV) increases the diversity of our modern traction fleet. These colourful units can be seen operating a variety of railway infrastructure related trains on all parts of the National Network.

Bachmann Europe plc today announced its 2008 programme at the London Toy Fair, held at Excel in London's Docklands. 2008 sees the 60th Anniversary of Kader Industries (the parent company of Bachmann Europe) and the 175th Anniversary of the Bachmann Company, although links with model railways only began in 1952.

The company has announced that it will produce in its Branchline "OO" range a Class 105 DMU, MPV Multi Purpose Vehicle, TEA tank wagon with conical ends, "Autoballaster" wagons and an 8-Ton BR standard cattle wagon. It has also confirmed its intention to produce an original Patriot Class locomotive.

Also on display were the first engineering proving samples of the G2A "Super D" 0-8-0 locomotive announced at the Toy Fair last year. Development work has now been completed on the Class 150/1 and Class 150/2 "Sprinter" DMUs and these will enter the tool room next month. Development work is continuing on the Class 411 4-Cep unit but has been hampered by the lack of official works drawings which appear to have been destroyed.

In the "N" gauge Graham Farish range a new Class 47 locomotive and a Class 108 diesel multiple unit will be introduced.

A number of existing items in both the Branchline and Farish items will appear in the new liveries of recently formed Train Operating Companies. Others will follow in due course once the licensing arrangements have been finalised.

The digital revolution continues to build on the success of the recently launched Dynamis system, with the pro-box (36-508) now under development and the introduction of a new point decoder (36-561).

Digital sound continues to attract more and more modellers and 2008 will see the introduction of the first steam locomotive to be fitted with a sound decoder. The model of 45593 Kolhapur in BR green with early crest will retail at £185.00. Further diesel locomotives will have sound fitted for the first time including the Class 40 and Class 45 locomotives which will compliment the existing range of sound fitted locomotives.

The Underground Ernie range saw significant new releases in time for the 2007 Christmas market. So far six trains, three stations and four extension track packs have been produced in addition to the train set released for Christmas 2006.

The new 2008 Branchline and Farish catalogues have been published to coincide with the opening of the London Toy Fair and will be available shortly at £4.50 from Bachmann dealers.

Graham Hubbard, Managing Director of Bachmann Europe Plc said today "2007 was a very busy year for us with the launch of many new products including the Aristocraft large scale Class 66, several new locomotives in both OO and N scale and our Dynamis DCC system which is proving to be a great success. We are not standing still and this year will see the introduction of many new products including the launch of our Scenecraft range of buildings, figures and road vehicles. We can now offer complete systems of track, buildings, scenic items, control systems together with a large selection of trains from around the World".

JJA AutoBallaster wagon

Another item to be employed on infrastructure duties is the mighty JJA AutoBallaster wagon. For a full description of Era designations, please use the Key found inside the rear cover.

The Class 105 Cravens

The Class 105 Cravens diesel multiple unit will reflect the same standard of engineering excellence as its predecessor, the Class 108, which has enjoyed unprecedented popularity. The 'Peak' diesel class receives an upgrade and their welcome return includes the variant with corner indicator boxes.

The Branchline modern image range is further enhanced by the introduction of Era 7 and 8 Class 47 locomotives featuring working high-intensity headlights.

New rolling stock announcements include the BR Standard 4 4-6-0 locomotive in four different variants. This model will also form part of the collection to celebrate the 40th anniversary since the withdrawal of mainline steam.

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What an interesting mix.... The MPV is a fascinating vehicle, The unrebuilt Patriot is a must and the 105 will be useful for my occasional forays into early BR days too... With those coming and the G2 getting closer I'll be watching with interst.

Hoping some of the Bachmann road vehicles will be approprate for pre WW2 layouts but not holding my breath.....

I'd hoped the Dynamis Pro system was further advanced.... but at least it got a mention.

Shame that nobody with market clout has had the courage to do a range of nice looking British pointwork and some RTR bullhead & properly spaced flatbottom flex track though - that'd really put the cat among the pidgeons and for the brand who was brave enough, would be a real leadership statement I'd think!



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QUOTE (Richard Johnson @ 30 Jan 2008, 13:06) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Shame that nobody with market clout has had the courage to do a range of nice looking British pointwork and some RTR bullhead & properly spaced flatbottom flex track though - that'd really put the cat among the pidgeons and for the brand who was brave enough, would be a real leadership statement I'd think!

I think it may have been a little while before you joined the forum but that is a can of worms of biblical proportions! After the Survey episode i cant honestly see that happening any time even remotely soon.

I know it dosent look right but i do like the 83line. the points are fantastic.


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30-050<a name="30-050">Class 25 DCC Passenger Set With Working Locomotive Lights129.95
31-059<a name="31-059">J72 69022 BR Black Late Crest48.85
31-115<a name="31-115">Standard 4MT 75xx 75027 BR Green Late Crest Single Chimney BR2 Tender92.35
31-118<a name="31-118">Standard 4MT 75033 BR Lined Black BR2 Tender L/Crest87.95
31-210<a name="31-210">Patriot 45503 'The Royal Leicestershire Regiment' BR Green E/Emblem97.95
31-211<a name="31-211">Patriot 45543 'Home Guard' BR Green L/Crest97.95
31-212<a name="31-212">Patriot 5541 'Duke Of Sutherland' LMS Crimson97.95
31-325<a name="31-325">Class 105 2 Car DMU BR Blue Yellow Ends83.95
31-326<a name="31-326">Class 105 2 Car DMU BR Green With Speed Whiskers83.95
31-327<a name="31-327">Class 105 2 Car DMU BR Green With Half Yellow Ends83.95
31-409<a name="31-409">Lord Nelson 30865 'Sir John Hawkins' BR Green E/Emblem82.95
31-456<a name="31-456">Ivatt 2-6-2 Tank 41264 BR Lined Black L/Crest58.95
31-514<a name="31-514">158 2 Car DMU Northern Rail82.85
31-515<a name="31-515">158 2 Car DMU First/Scotrail82.85
31-516<a name="31-516">158 2 Car DMU Central Trains82.85
31-563<a name="31-563">V2 60865 BR Lined Green L/Crest Stepped Tender Out Side Steam Pipes86.05
31-575<a name="31-575">Windhoff MPV Multi-Purpose Master and Slave Network Rail109.95
31-576DC<a name="31-576DC">Windhoff Mpv Multi-Purpose Master and Slave Network Rail (DCC On Board)121.95
31-577<a name="31-577">Windhoff MPV Multi-Purpose Master and Slave Railtrack109.95
31-613<a name="31-613">V3 Tank 67628 BR Black Lined L/Crest Straight Bunker Humped Steam Pipes59.95
31-650<a name="31-650">Class 47 47535 'University Of Leicester' BR Blue Large Logo76.30
31-651<a name="31-651">Class 47 47612 'Titan' Intercity76.30
31-652<a name="31-652">Class 47 47474 'Sir Roland Hill' Parcels Red/Grey76.30
31-831<a name="31-831">43Xx 4358 BR Lined Green E/Emblem63.90
32-004<a name="32-004">6914 Langton Hall Great Western Green Collett Tender82.45
32-033DS<a name="32-033DS">Class 20 Diesel D8158 BR Green Box Head Code (DCC Sound)149.95
32-034<a name="32-034">Class 20 Diesel 8164 BR Green Box Head Code56.10
32-035DS<a name="32-035DS">Class 20 Diesel 20034 BR Blue Disc Headcodes (DCC Sound)149.95
32-114<a name="32-114">08 Diesel Shunter 13238 BR Black E/Emblem53.50
32-135A<a name="32-135A">Prairie Tank 5565 GWR Green57.30
32-164<a name="32-164">N Class 31411 BR Lined Black Late Crest BR4MT Chimney76.45
32-206<a name="32-206">8750 Pannier Tank 8751 Great Western53.15
32-278<a name="32-278">K3 61823 BR Lined Black L/Crest Stepped Tender82.45
32-279<a name="32-279">K3 1935 LNER Doncaster Green82.45
32-351DC<a name="32-351DC">4MT Standard Tank 80140 BR Black L/Crest (DCC On Board)86.90
32-358<a name="32-358">4MT Standard Tank 80118 BR Black E/Emblem74.90
32-376DS<a name="32-376DS">Class 37/5 Diesel 37693 Railfreight (DCC Sound)159.95
32-465<a name="32-465">Class 170 3 Car Unit Cross Country102.50
32-466<a name="32-466">Class 170 2 Car Unit London Midland87.95
32-480DS<a name="32-480DS">Class 40 Diesel D211 'Mauretania' Indicator Discs BR Green (DCC Sound)154.95
32-507<a name="32-507">Standard Class 5MT 73050 BR Black L/Crest Br1G Tender (Weathered) (40 Yrs End Of Steam)92.35
32-529<a name="32-529">Class 55 D9019 'Royal Highland Fusilier' BRTwo Tone Green73.10
32-530DS<a name="32-530DS">Class 55 55001 'St. Paddy' BR Blue (DCC Sound)169.95
32-580<a name="32-580">Ivatt Class 4 2-6-0 43019 BR Lined Black L/Crest Mixed Traffic (Weathered) (40 Years Steam)86.00
32-603<a name="32-603">Class 220 4 Car Cross Country 220017115.45
32-627<a name="32-627">Class 221 5 Car Super Voyager Virgin Trains 'Dr Who' 221122129.95
32-652<a name="32-652">Class 44 Diesel 44004 'Great Gable' BR Blue69.95
32-677<a name="32-677">Class 45 Diesel 45 053 Split Head Code BR Blue69.95
32-678DS<a name="32-678DS">Class 45 Diesel D55 'Royal Signals' BR Green (DCC Sound)164.95
32-702DC<a name="32-702DC">Class 46 Diesel D182 BR Green (DCC On Board)81.95
32-727DS<a name="32-727DS">Class 66 Diesel 66702 GBRF 'Blue Lightning' (DCC Sound)169.95
32-754<a name="32-754">Class 57/0 Diesel 57011 DRS76.00
32-776DS<a name="32-776DS">Class 37/0 Diesel 37254 BR Blue Plated Centre Head Code (DCC Sound)159.95
32-801DS<a name="32-801DS">Class 47 Diesel D1746 Two Tone Green H/Yellow Ends 4 Digit Head Code (DCC Sound)169.95
32-828<a name="32-828">Ivatt Class 2 2-6-0 46520 BR Lined Green L/Crest73.40
32-829<a name="32-829">Ivatt Class 2 2-6-0 46426 BR Lined Black L/Crest73.40
32-830<a name="32-830">Ivatt Class 2 2-6-0 6402 LMS Black73.40
32-856<a name="32-856">9F 2-10-0 Standard 92002 BR Black E/Emblem BR1G Tender122.95
32-857<a name="32-857">9F 2-10-0 Standard 92077 BR Black L/Crest BR1C Tender122.95
32-858DC<a name="32-858DC">9F 2-10-0 Standard 92185 BR Black L/Crest Double Chimney Brif Tender (Weathered) (DCC On Board)134.95
32-878<a name="32-878">Fairburn 2-6-4 Tank 42691 BR Lined Black E/Emblem75.30
32-879<a name="32-879">Fairburn 2-6-4 Tank 42267 BR Lined Black L/Crest (Weathered)79.00
32-903<a name="32-903">Class 108 DMU 2 Car Br/Greater Manchester Pte White/Blue83.95
32-978<a name="32-978">Class 66/9 Diesel 66725 'Sunderland AFC' First/GBRF80.00
33-080A<a name="33-080A">5 Plank China Clay Wagon With Hood BR Brown (Weathered)7.15
33-081A<a name="33-081A">5 Plank China Clay Wagon With Hood BR Brown (Weathered)7.15
33-179A<a name="33-179A">10 Ton Salt Wagon 'ICI/Fleetwood Salt'6.85
33-181<a name="33-181">10 Ton Salt Wagon 'Snowdrift Salt'6.85
33-301E<a name="33-301E">20 Ton Toad Brake Van BR Bauxite 'Tavistock Junction Ru'6.85
33-306A<a name="33-306A">20 Ton Toad Brake Van BR Light Grey6.85
33-825E<a name="33-825E">25 Ton Queen Mary Brake Van BR Brown14.05
33-856B<a name="33-856B">30 Ton Bogie Bolster Wagon BR Grey8.35
33-857A<a name="33-857A">30 Ton Bogie Bolster Wagon LMS Grey8.35
33-901D<a name="33-901D">45 Ton Bogie Well Wagon BR Grey8.10
34-052A<a name="34-052A">Collett 3rd Chocolate/Cream Great Western18.50
34-076A<a name="34-076A">Collett 1st/3rd Chocolate/Cream Great Western Brake Composite18.50
34-127A<a name="34-127A">Collett 1st/3rd Composite Chocolate/Cream Great Western18.50
34-226C<a name="34-226C">57Ft Corridor Brake End Crimson LMS16.95
34-251C<a name="34-251C">57Ft Corridor 1st/3rd Composite Crimson LMS16.95
34-252C<a name="34-252C">57Ft Corridor 1st/3rd Composite Crimson LMS16.95
34-325B<a name="34-325B">50Ft Parcel Van BR Maroon16.95
34-504A<a name="34-504A">Bulleid 63 Ft Corridor Open Brake 2nd Green19.10
34-529A<a name="34-529A">Bulleid 63 Ft Corridor 2nd Green19.10
34-554A<a name="34-554A">Bulleid 63Ft Corridor 1st/2nd Composite Green19.10
34-577A<a name="34-577A">Bulleid 63Ft Open 2nd Green19.10
36-004A<a name="36-004A">BD Large Containers Bauxite/Crimson(X3)3.70
36-053<a name="36-053">Mk1 Coupling With Nem Shaft (X10)2.50
36-054<a name="36-054">Class 220 and 221 Couplings X 42.45
36-160A<a name="36-160A">Plasser Tamper M/C (Non-Motorised)18.95
36-165A<a name="36-165A">Plasser Tamper M/C Motorised44.50
36-2008<a name="36-2008">Branchline Catalogue 20084.50
37-058A<a name="37-058A">5 Plank Wagon Wood Floor BR Grey6.90
37-060<a name="37-060">5 Plank Wagon Wood Floor 'R.Fred.Cole'6.90
37-081B<a name="37-081B">7 Plank End Door Wagon BR Grey7.00
37-084<a name="37-084">7 Plank End Door Wagon 'Harrisons Ltd'7.00
37-108<a name="37-108">7 Plank Wagon 'Frederick Biss'7.00
37-109<a name="37-109">7 Plank Wagon 'D.V.Gostick'7.00
37-158A<a name="37-158A">8 Plank Wagon BR Grey7.00
37-180A<a name="37-180A">7 Plank Wagon With Coke Rails 'P.O.P London'7.10
37-182A<a name="37-182A">7 Plank Wagon With Coke Rails 'Elders Navigation Collieries'7.00
37-225D<a name="37-225D">16 Ton Steel Mineral Wagon BR Grey With Top Flap Doors7.00
37-226D<a name="37-226D">16 Ton Steel Mineral Wagon BR Bauxite With Top Flap Doors7.00
37-252C<a name="37-252C">16 Ton Steel Mineral Wagon BR Bauxite Without Top Flap Doors7.00
37-275D<a name="37-275D">27 Ton Steel Tippler Wagon Iron Ore BR Grey6.90
37-477A<a name="37-477A">1 Plank Wagon BR Bauxite5.75
37-502A<a name="37-502A">24 Ton Ore Wagon BR Grey6.60
37-537A<a name="37-537A">20 Ton Brake Van BR Bauxite7.40
37-552A<a name="37-552A">46 Tonne Glw Poa Box Mineral Wagon ?Arc?8.50
37-583<a name="37-583">45 Ton Tta Tank Wagon Mobil Grey8.75
37-658<a name="37-658">14 Ton Tank Wagon 'Fina'7.70
37-659<a name="37-659">14 Ton Tank Wagon 'National Benzole'7.55
37-666B<a name="37-666B">(Set Of 3) 14 Ton Tank Wagons 'Esso' Black (Weathered)24.40
37-670<a name="37-670">(Set Of 3) 14 Ton Tank Wagons 'Tarmac' Black (Weathered)24.40
37-675A<a name="37-675A">14 Ton Tank Wagon 'Mobil'7.70
37-710<a name="37-710">8 Ton Cattle Wagon BR Bauxite7.15
37-711<a name="37-711">8 Ton Cattle Wagon GWR Dark Grey7.15
37-729A<a name="37-729A">12 Ton Ventilated Van BR(WR) Bauxite6.80
37-731<a name="37-731">12 Ton Ventilated Van BR(WR) Grey6.80
37-754A<a name="37-754A">12 Ton Fruit Van BR Bauxite6.80
37-778A<a name="37-778A">12 Ton Mogo Van GWR Grey6.75
37-802A<a name="37-802A">12 Ton Planked Ventilated Van BR Bauxite6.75
37-803A<a name="37-803A">12 Ton Planked Ventilated Van LMS Grey6.75
37-930<a name="37-930">3 Plank Wagon BR With Crimson BD Container7.85
37-951B<a name="37-951B">Conflat With BD Container BR Crimson7.65
37-977<a name="37-977">Conflat With AF Container BR Light Blue7.65
38-010B<a name="38-010B">MFA Open Box Mineral Wagon EWS (Weathered)7.70
38-032<a name="38-032">100 Tonne HHA Bogie Hopper Wagon 'Freightliner Heavy Haul' Hinge S/End Doors (Weathered)22.95
38-040A<a name="38-040A">31 Tonne OBA Open Wagon EWS14.40
38-050A<a name="38-050A">MTA Open Box Wagon EWS8.80
38-070B<a name="38-070B">12 Ton Southern Planked Vent Van S.R Large Logo7.65
38-071B<a name="38-071B">12 Ton Southern Planked Vent Van BR(S) Bauxite7.65
38-076B<a name="38-076B">12 Ton Southern Plywood Panel Vent Van BR Bauxite7.65
38-081A<a name="38-081A">12 Ton Southern 2+2 Planked Vent Van BR(M) Grey7.65
38-082<a name="38-082">12 Ton Southern 2+2 Planked Vent Van BR(S) Bauxite7.65
38-095A<a name="38-095A">34 Ton PNA Ballast/Spoil 5 Rib Wagon Railtrack8.10
38-100A<a name="38-100A">34 Ton PNA Ballast/Spoil Wagon 7 Rib Railtrack8.10
38-113<a name="38-113">100 Ton Bogie Tank Wagon Tea 'Esso' Grey21.25
38-114<a name="38-114">100 Ton Bogie Tank Wagon Tea 'Gulf' Grey21.25
38-210<a name="38-210">JJA Auto Ballaster Railtrack Outer26.50
38-211<a name="38-211">JJA Auto Ballaster Railtrack Inner26.50
38-212<a name="38-212">JJA Auto Ballaster Railtrack Generator Outer26.50
38-220<a name="38-220">100 Ton Tea Bogie Tank Wagon Crude Oil 'BP' Black20.95
38-221<a name="38-221">100 Ton Tea Bogie Tank Wagon Crude Oil 'Shell BP' Black20.95
38-222<a name="38-222">100 Ton Tea Bogie Tank Wagon Crude Oil 'Amoco' Black20.95
39-025D<a name="39-025D">BR Mk1 Corridor SK Blue/Grey22.45
39-026F<a name="39-026F">BR Mk1 Corridor SK Maroon22.45
39-027E<a name="39-027E">BR Mk1 Corridor SK Crimson/Cream22.45
39-050D<a name="39-050D">BR Mk1 Open SO Blue/Grey22.45
39-051F<a name="39-051F">BR Mk1 Open SO Maroon22.45
39-076E<a name="39-076E">BR Mk1 Brake/Corridor BSK BR Maroon22.45
39-100B<a name="39-100B">BR Mk1 Restaurant Car RU Blue/Grey22.45
39-105<a name="39-105">BR Mk1 Restaurant Buffet Car RU BR Crimson/Cream22.45
39-126D<a name="39-126D">BR Mk1 Composite CK Maroon22.45
39-128B<a name="39-128B">BR Mk1 Composite CK SR Green22.45
39-150B<a name="39-150B">BR Mk1 Corridor First FK Blue/Grey22.45
39-151C<a name="39-151C">BR Mk1 Corridor First FK Maroon22.45
39-153B<a name="39-153B">BR Mk1 Corridor First FK SR Green22.45
39-175B<a name="39-175B">BR Mk1 Full Brake BG Blue/Grey22.45
39-178B<a name="39-178B">BR Mk1 Full Brake BG SR Green22.45
39-183A<a name="39-183A">BR Mk1 Full Brake BG NEX RES Grey/Red22.45
39-200B<a name="39-200B">BR Mk1 Full Brake Super BG RES22.45
39-201B<a name="39-201B">BR Mk1 Full Brake Super BG RES/Royal Mail22.45
39-225B<a name="39-225B">BR Mk1 Brake/Corridor Composite BCK Blue/Grey22.45
39-226B<a name="39-226B">BR Mk1 Brake/Corridor Composite BCK Maroon22.45
39-228B<a name="39-228B">BR Mk1 Brake/Corridor Composite BCK SR Green22.45
39-252B<a name="39-252B">BR Mk1 RFO Restaurant Car BR Crimson/Cream22.45
39-280A<a name="39-280A">BR Mk1 FK Pullman Kitchen First Umber/Cream Magpie (Lighted)28.50
39-290A<a name="39-290A">BR Mk1 FP Pullman Parlour First Umber/Cream Amber (Lighted)28.50
39-300A<a name="39-300A">BR Mk1 SK Pullman Kitchen Second Umber/Cream 333 (Lighted)28.50
39-310A<a name="39-310A">BR Mk1 SP Pullman Parlour Second Umber/Cream 348 (Lighted)28.50
2008 Branchline New Items

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QUOTE (pedromorgan @ 30 Jan 2008, 22:30) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>I think it may have been a little while before you joined the forum but that is a can of worms of biblical proportions! After the Survey episode i cant honestly see that happening any time even remotely soon.

I know it dosent look right but i do like the 83line. the points are fantastic.


***It always is, (I've played in that battle on several forums but really don't fancy it yet again)

anyway there are so many diverse opinions that if modellers were given choice there'd never be a concensus.... and like most committee approaches they'd end up with a camel not a racehorse anyway....

But I'm dead certain that a sensible Mfr only needs to get it technically competent and "more English / more right" than Peco's bad efforts and it'd be a day one success...

I always promise myself that if the lottery ever comes......


PS: You are right - 83 is much better for US modellers - They actually tried to get the look right. Still a great big nothing of value for UK modellers though.... shame on them!

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Looks good to me. Up for the Cravens , new Peaks (with nose seam) and 108 in Refurbished White Stripe livery. May be tempted by the FSR 158 but its a little out of period for me.Being able to see it and test it in model shop is a big plus for me rather than buying the limited edition model last year.This may just swing it for me!

Only surprise is lack of blue 108 in any form of cab front ,2 or 3 car. Looks like an important ommission to me.

But overall lots to look forward to. Along with Hornbys HST and Heljans Clayton, could be an expensive 2008/2009.

Congratulations Bachmann.

Looking forward to more details in your magazine and the new Catalogue.

Thanks to Doug too, providing up to date information, once again proving that the web scores over mags in this respect .


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I notice that there's a black 08 shunter in the long list, so that's one for the wish list and even though the sound Jubilee is not mentioned in the long list (I wonder is that an omission or an omen?), it's gone onto my wish list too.

I am sure that a couple of new Mk1 Maroon or Crimson / Cream coaches will find their way to my layout as well.


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There will be a sound equiped steam loco this year and as suspected it's a Jubilee. Catalogue number 31-175DS 5593 Kolhapur with an RRP of £185

The question is one about the 75xxx std 4, have they retooled this one and we're going to see a race to the shelves, or are they going to put out the old split frame version just to p*** on Hornbys firework. The latter would be just a bit petty especially when they're dipping into Hornbys back catalogue as much as Hornby is theres.

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At last Bachmann have put revealed their 08 list. Its going to be a cheap year for me. I dont like anything Hornby have for 08 so thats sorted, for Bachmann, I am buying the Virgin Super Voyager and Cross Country Class 170 DMU. I may if I can get it cheap enough, Cross Country Voyager, but considering I already have part of a Cross Country voyager I dont see the point. Thats it for me. I may change my mind about some items but as I am modeling modern image I may buy a few older locos but will have to see.

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Press Release:

Bachmann's year of celebration

2008 marks the 175th Anniversary of Bachmann and the 60th Anniversary of Kader Industrial, Bachmann's parent company. These key milestones in the company's history will be marked with two exclusive models to delight the collector and enthusiast.

The first will be a solid pewter static model of the famous Stockton & Darlington Railway locomotive 'Locomotion No.1'. This locomotive was built by Robert Stephenson & Co and hauled the first train at the opening of the Stockton & Darlington Railway on 27 September 1825. It was withdrawn in 1828, the year in which Bachmann began trading, and was rebuilt utilising improved technology before being finally withdrawn in 1841 to become a stationary engine. It was preserved in 1857 and remains part of the National Railway Museum collection. In recent years it has been displayed at Darlington Ralway Museum. It will be produced in O gauge and will come complete with wooden plinth and plastic dust cover. Weighing in at some 800 grams just 1,750 of these impressive models (275-2008) will be produced for sale across all Bachmann divisions and will have a recommended retail price of £129.95.

To celebrate the 60th Anniversary of Kader Industries, a presentation set of a J72 and a BR Standard 4MT 4-6-0 will be produced in a wooden presentation box and will replicate the first two locomotives produced by Kader for the British market at the launch of the Palitoy Mainline Railways range. The set will comprise J72 0-6-0T locomotive the oldest locomotive in the current Bachmann Branchline range as No. 581 in LNER lined green. This locomotive was initially released by Mainline in 1976. The second locomotive in the presentation set will be No. 75006 in BR black, the second locomotive to be released by Mainline in 1976. To contrast with the earlier J72 locomotive, No. 75006 will be produced from the new tooling and will be to the latest specification as the newest Bachmann model to be released. The presentation set (30-060) will have a recommended retail price of £144.95. This will be a limited edition of just 1,000 pieces.

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Press Release:

Class 105 Cravens Diesel Multiple Unit to be released by Bachmann Branchline

Bachmann Europe PLC is to produce an OO scale Class 105 diesel multiple unit in the Branchline range.

141 units were built by Cravens (Sheffield) between 1956 and 1959. Nineteen of the class originally operated as 3 car units before the centre trailers were withdrawn between 1968 and 1970, the rest operated as two car units.

The Cravens Company had been involved in the building of Mark 1 coaches and these units incorporated a number of features from these vehicles. The body side profiles were identical to those found on Mark 1 coaches and used the same doors and windows.

The units saw service over a wide area of the Eastern, London Midland, North Eastern and Scottish regions. They operated over the Midland & Great Northern joint line for a period until its closure in 1959 and some were fitted with tablet catchers for this work. Many operated around East Anglia, Manchester, Lincoln, Newcastle and on suburban services out of London Kings Cross prior to electrification.

The first unit was withdrawn in 1961 and the last in 1989. Nine driving motor vehicles were converted for parcels use in the late 1980's but were later withdrawn. Three vehicles have been preserved.

The new models will comprise a DMBS + DTCL vehicle, feature all wheel pick-up, flywheel drive and bi-directional lighting systems. Three versions will appear in BR green with speed whiskers (31-326), BR green with half yellow ends (31-327) and BR blue (31-325) These OO models will retail at £83.95. The models will be released over the next 18 months.

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Press Release:

Bachmann Branchline to introduce Multi Purpose Vehicle (MPV) in OO gauge

Bachmann Europe PLC is to introduce an OO scale Multi Purpose Vehicle into the Branchline range.

25 two car units were built in Germany by Windhoff between 1998 and 2001 for Railtrack, the predecessors of current owners Network Rail. They are derived from the Cargo Sprinter units in use with DB Rail.

For use on British infrastructure the MPV's are produced in modular form allowing interchangeable modules to be fitted for use on weed spraying, de-icing, sandite application and leaf removal. They can also accommodate any standard 20' container and some have been used for the transportation of timber. A cab is provided at each end, making them particularly useful on branch lines where freight traffic cannot normally be handled by conventional locomotives and rolling stock.

The MPV's passed from Railtrack to Network Rail in October 2002 when the company was set up when Railtrack went into liquidation.

The new units will feature all wheel pick-up, concealed drive and directional lighting systems. Three versions will initially be available, two in Network Rail livery (31-575 + 31-576DC with DCC ON BOARD) and one in Railtrack livery (31-577) the original owners. A range of alternative on-board equipment will be available. These OO models will retail at £109.95, with the DCC ON BOARD version costing £121.95.
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