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bachmann 2MT

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It was nice to see the piccy of the Mickey Mouse on mremag today. does the news that the tooling is complete mean we will have it at Christmas time do you think?
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depends on lots of things like the situation in the middle east, blairs resignation plans, the bladder retention capacity of the bachmann personell, Michael Owens haircut. Tim henmans ranking. any speaches made in the next 4 months bamde by Donald Rumsfeld etc.....

I am still hoping that they will also upgrade the chassis on the 2-6-2 Ivatt in the near future....
what for its a great runner.

it may be al old loco. but theres nothing wrong with it.

If it ain't broke, don't fix it.
QUOTE (JohnR @ 6 Sep 2006, 13:46) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>I am still hoping that they will also upgrade the chassis on the 2-6-2 Ivatt in the near future....

Don't hold your breath,-they've not announced any intention of doing so.......
A few of the Bachmann split chassis Locos in my posession are better runners then the current chassis provided Namely my Pannier and my brothers J72 niether are particulary strong Prototype but both are capable of hauling 6 Bachmann Mk1s around less than even and flat trackwork.
If you look closely at the Ivatt tank you'll find it has pickups on the front bogie. It must make it expencive to produce, but it also aids its excellent running chacteristics. It's consistantly been one of Bachmanns best sellers for a number of years.
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Oh yes, I have nothing against the current Ivatt 2-6-2... it is still (what over 10 years after its introduction) better than many a current model from Bachmann and Hornby.

However, it does not make it easy to convert to DCC, as with any of the split chassis models. An upgrade in that department would be most welcome by a great many modellers, especially as the chassis is there in existance - the protypes shared a chassis too....
I think a chassis upgrade is overdue, both to eliminate the split chassis in these supposedly DCC friendly times, also the lack of a motion bracket and generally overscale motion parts compared to more modern offerings does date the model somewhat.
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