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[from The Bachmann website]
Branchline sound fitted locomotive 32-725DS EWS Class 66 "Lafarge
Charnwood" has now sold out from the Bachmann warehouse.

Please contact your Branchline stockist without delay if you wish to obtain this very
popular model.

Branchline 'DCC On Board' and 'DCC Sound' fitted
locomotives are designed for use with NMRA compliant controllers such as
E-Z Command. NMRA compliant items clearly display this symbol." alt = "NMRA Logo" title = "NMRA Logo"

Certain locomotive or sound functions may not function when used with non NMRA compliant DCC controllers or systems described as NMRA compatible.[/QUOTE]

[I]Certainly driving home that point...[/I] <img src="<#EMO_DIR#>/happy.gif

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If you have got it flaunt it!

The success of this loco is very encouraging for the DCC picture in the UK.

If only 10% of OO modellers model the period of this loco and 1000 of these clearly must have DCC control then what about the other 90% who don't?

My guess would be that 75% of OO modellers who have DCC and model this EWS period have purchased this loco!

And what about the 90% who don't model the period that this loco represents?

75% of modellers model OO if eBay sale listing proportions are to be believed.

There is a very big market out there for the right products with sound!

Just slightly curious but has the Class 20 with sound arrived? There have been reports of some having this model but I have not seen it for sale.

Happy modelling

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I'll second that. I think the Class 66 is fantastic. Not to say, deafening.

On the To Do list to tweak the CV and lower the volume a tad.

In my case, I will want at least another sound-equipped 66 or two...And the more used to it I get, the more I want all my running stock to have sound.

I can see this spreading like wildfire. Very noisy wildfire, at that. Wonderful.
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