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Bachmann 9f slightly modified

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I have just finished my Bachmann 9f Evening Star with Richard adding the final touch, a new sound file. This is one of the jobs I really really enjoyed doing, over the course of 2-3 months.

I have posted just 2 pictures the rest is on youtube fully captioned (a new discovery I have found on youtube).

She has full sound duel speakers 1 located over the cylinders and 1 20x40 in the tender. Express lights duel smoke generators, firebox flicker, tender light weathered and lots more detail.

It is a job I am really proud of so guys what do you think?

Lots of extra copper pipe in cab added, this was a job and a half

The express lights

Follow this link to youtube and you can see her running and just about smell the oil!

Thats about it enjoy the video.

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Loved the video, Martin, thought it was reaching take-off speed. That's a fantastic job, you should feel really proud of yourself. The light weathering looks good on the green. Your Evening Star hard work and the all-singing all-dancing Roco set have really made my week. Thanks for posting, it's great stuff.
WOW, that was incredible. Good job to both of you. Dwarfed my Br55.

Very good Martin. I like the way you have added all those little speach balloons to the vid. I bet you're well please with that.
That's great fun, and the volume of smoke is pretty impressive. I know it will make the cab interior less visible, but do you plan to make an extra hole in the drawbar so that loco and tender can be coupled as near scale distance as your curves will allow? Really improves the appearance; it puzzles me that Bachmann have spaced the tender so far off even on the closer of the two holes provided.
Fantastic - looks and sounds great! Any chance of showing a wiring diagram to see how you wired up the smoke generators? I noticed that they weren't working when you put the loco in reverse - can they be switched on and off using a function key?

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That is sweet

A first class job of which you should be proud, thanks for showing us.

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just checked out the video the fire glow in cab and very nice model
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Thanks for the replays guys and Im glad you enjoyed it.
To answer a couple of questions. The smoke works in forward/reverse and is controlled by the purple function. But not in the way most are thinking.
I used a micro DPDT relay. The control side of the relay is fed from the decoder which gives you your on/off. As I have 2 smoke generators in parallel I have wired them both into the relay and the relay is wired to the pick ups. Why? simple the current draw of the smoke generators, I didn't want to fry my decoder and it frees up an extra function. I got the relays from DCC Concepts.

Yes I have an extra hole in the draw bar but the buffers on the tender need filing to get a real close coupling. For those that know the Bachmann 9f range, I am sure you are well aware that the tender has no pickup. All I can say is the ones I used are a new prototype which I trialed. They are excellent and do the job. That why I was able to lift the five running wheels off the ground.
Ebaykal I have seen your BR55 and your weathering was one of the things that inspired me, I thought it was a awesome job!

Thanks for looking 1 last question is the link correct?

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Cracking job chaps.

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