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Bachmann B1

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I got a new Bachmann B1 (61180) for Christmas and I regret to say it's a disappointment.

Certainly runs better than my previous split chassis version but it has retained the crude tender coupling and the resulting, by todays standards, huge gap between loco and tender. The tender also has two peg-holes on the tank top for which I see no part to fit, it doesn't have the big cylindrical thing (!!) on the tank top I have on 61132 and the "toy" coal load doesn't seem to be removable.

Not good Bachmann - a rush job? - not thought through? - cutting unnecessary corners? On this evidence it won't be hard for the Hornby version to be far better and worth the extra money over this Bachmann "railroad" equivalent.

If Mr Bachmann reads these forum pages, I'd be interested in hearing the excuses.


PS I'm sending it back to the retailer anyway as the crude tender coupling is not properly fitted and I'm not prepared to have to repair a brand new item. Quality control???
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QUOTE (34C @ 26 Dec 2011, 18:30) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>That's exactly as advertised. Glad to read this. I am waiting for the price to fall consequent on there being duplication, so I can buy cheap, as I want the chassis for earlier 'worked on' bodies whose split chassis long ago wore out. The more returns there are the sooner this happy prospect is realised...

It is the work of minutes to mod the tender coupling to scale distance, vastly improves the appearance.

Thanks 34C, I have also quickly adjusted the "mind the gap" on previous B1s but had hoped I would not have to do this on a 2011/12 model.

Bachmann should be ashamed of the shortcut in upgrading as I notice they have the little peg on the underside of the tender. the slot for the "drawbar" is already there, it just needed a mounting on the new loco chassis.

Is the V2 to be the same cop out?
QUOTE (nick lamkin @ 28 Dec 2011, 18:11) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>The Bachmann B1 does not have fixed moulded coal on the tender - it is a removable moudling - you can either take it out and add your own coal or add coal to it. I took mine out added the crushed coal then put it back in position once glue had dried.



Thanks for that. I got my replacement Bachmann B1 back from Hattons today - very prompt and postage refunded, well done Hattons - and managed to remove the coal but had to take tender body off to be able to push it from below, it was a very tight fit.

However can you, Nick, or anyone else who has a 61180 (weathered) help me here. The coal is integral with the rear upstand of the bunker. This rear upstand of mine is not weathered like the rest of the tender top and stands out like a sore thumb! Should it be weathered? Is yours? Has an unweathered coal piece been fitted to my B1 by mistake or is this another shortcut by Bachmann.

Grateful for input before I'm tempted to send back this second B1.

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To me, Russell, the Bachmann tender gap is unacceptable to my eye and I'll need to sort it as I have done with previous B1. The Model Rail input was unusually frank when comparing the two B1s and was clearly in favour of the Hornby (although gave a few consolation plusses to the Bachmann. I agree a clearer side by side would have been helpful, however.

As you say, 34C, the old Replica B1 was a superb model in its day and my original 61132 (weathered, and fitted with a later Bachmann split chassis and subsequent replaced axle bushes) still looks the business but does not run well (forwards, bizarrely reverse is much better and quite acceptable), and wheels are prone to slipping out of axle bushes when cleaning them.

I'd like to have a Hornby B1 as well but can't really justify it right now, but if there are to be bargains in the future, then I could be tempted. Will ebay soon be flooded with old split chassis versions?

The choice between competing models is always difficult even when looking at both in the flesh - pics are not always the most helpful. It is really only in use and seeing them in the context of one's layout that things become more apparent. I'm not a rivet counter but look to see what seems/appears right and gives the right atmosphere/feel.

Right, maybe I'll go and tackle the coal, starting by carefully cutting the moulded coal from the rear (unweathered!) upstand of the bunker, or should I just drop a wee complaint to Bachmann. On second thoughts, I think I'll have a beer!

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Now had a response from Bachmann re non weathering of rear upstand on bunker (integral with coal load) viz -

"Thank you for your enquiry. Unfortunately it looks like that is the way the model has been made and that this piece has not been weathered as the coal was not required to be weathered."

So, not a case of wrong part being fitted, just a corner being cut or lack of attention to detail in planning production.
Having been critical of my new, new Bachmann B1, I have now done the coal (cut away the moulded coal load from the rear bunker upstand and put in real coal), weathered the rear bunker upstand and converted the tender coupling to have much closer coupling and given the loco a good run, I'm now very pleased with it. It looks good and I have to say it runs extremely well. Shouldn't have to go through all this with a brand new loco but maybe worth the effort.
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