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Bachmann B1

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I got a new Bachmann B1 (61180) for Christmas and I regret to say it's a disappointment.

Certainly runs better than my previous split chassis version but it has retained the crude tender coupling and the resulting, by todays standards, huge gap between loco and tender. The tender also has two peg-holes on the tank top for which I see no part to fit, it doesn't have the big cylindrical thing (!!) on the tank top I have on 61132 and the "toy" coal load doesn't seem to be removable.

Not good Bachmann - a rush job? - not thought through? - cutting unnecessary corners? On this evidence it won't be hard for the Hornby version to be far better and worth the extra money over this Bachmann "railroad" equivalent.

If Mr Bachmann reads these forum pages, I'd be interested in hearing the excuses.


PS I'm sending it back to the retailer anyway as the crude tender coupling is not properly fitted and I'm not prepared to have to repair a brand new item. Quality control???
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Hi guys and gals, sorry been absent due to Internet issues here in sandland.

I have the Bachmann B1 61180 in weathered late BR
I also now have two B1's from Hornby, late BR 61138 and LNER 1040

I put the bachers to work on the high level section and it is fine, true it is a fix a new chassis and everything else from Replica railways, the chassis is a bit light so traction has its limits and the tender hook looks sadly out of place on something this new, the footplate etc being in a less detailed format.

The Hornby looks better and although worried by the news that the Hornby had a fixed drawbar this is 'joy of joy' an old Dublo style link with screws to retain the drawbar - common sense makes an uncommon appearance in Margate!

The loco is heavier.

On my upper outer track both were fine but on the inner one the Bachmann did a few suicide missions and the Hornby none, so although from the scouse factors the Hornby has a higher price yet this is well worth the difference and as is usual the Horby has to cope with Hornby setrack iot has a better tolerance factor witness the performance, neither have de-railed to as yet.

That said the bachmann is a good loco, the Hornby is better.
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Mike, Well spotted, mine is not weathered as the rest of the loco is either
The Hornby bogie looks right to the Vulcan Foundry built 1157/1158 which I have photos of whilst on delivery to Gorton taken at London Road Manchester, there were a lot of detail differences between the manufacturers but this would not spoil the model for me.

I have both and the Hornby is a better model probably because the Bachmann is a rehash of the old Replica effort whilst the Hornby is totally new, that said the Bachmann is cheaper so that tends to balance the thing out, still I am going to buy another Hornby one.
The pulling power of the Hornby is greater than that of the Bachmann based on the 2 new Hornby and 1 new Bachmann I now have running. I have not looked into the body of either so do not know if there is space left over although a peer underneath tends to show there cannot be much scope on either.

The Bachmann definitely struggled with a rake of 15 Wrenn wagons even when run in (being a month older) whilst the Hornby shifted it when new and not run in, in fact I have put the Bachmann to work hauling a 5 rake of Bachmann GUV's as I thought I was being cruel to make it struggle especially when quite new, I should think 14 heavy coaches and it would die of fright.

The Hornby then is better but its no Bachmann 9F, nor Wrenn 8F or any other heavy hauler, doubt it is quite as good as a Hornby Black 5 but of course it may well improve as it gets older.

As to loads father had this problem, out footplate riding he gets to Sheffield and finds one of the Gorton B1's waiting to go forward to Manchester and he promptly joins the crew whom he knows well. They chat and tease give him the shovel and the driver gets the all clear, off they go but father finds it hard going for a B1 in supposedly good condition, anyway he makes the valiant effort and eventually Woodhead Tunnel comes in sight when the crew all solicitous sit him down, take away shovel and suggest he enjoy the rest of the trip.

Wiping brow he suggests it was unduly hard work when the driver points back down the train and he sees this going away into the distance, instead of the usual 8 there was at least 14 bogies on the back!
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I use DCC Concepts 8pin nano as they fit anything - even the wretched Bachmann Hall where the socket is under the cab, what is more I have many of them and when one failed Richard (member on here) very kindly sent a replacement without quibble in fact this decoder is only just bigger than the blanking plug and they are proving to be excellent.
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