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Bachmann - Battle of Trafalgar Anniversary

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For the historians among us it is 200 years since Britain won a great sea victory over France at Trafalgar. Of the 27 ships of the British fleet, not one had been sunk or captured. Trafalgar was the decisive battle of the Napoleonic Wars. It had always been essential to Napoleon´s master plan to control the world that he should have command of the seas. With his Allied fleet now ruined as a fighting force that dream had been destroyed forever. The joy that England had won a great sea battle was tempered by the knowledge that the country had lost its most beloved naval commander, Lord Nelson.

For more information (including sound effects) about the great battle visit the link below:-

Now what has all this to do with model trains you may ask?

To be released in 2005, marking the 200th anniversary of Nelson's famous naval victory, Bachmann have announced a special Limited Edition wood boxed model of ex-LMS Jubilee class 45682 "Trafalgar" in BR passenger green livery.

And shortly after Lord Nelson Class loco 30850 "Lord Nelson" in BR Green, again with the early BR logo, will be available.

For those of you wishing to operate a layout with a British naval theme then these will be two locomotives that will be ideal partners.

Happy modelling
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Back in July we bought you news of a special edition Bachmann loco to mark the anniversary of the Battle of Trafalgar and also a loco in memory of Britains's greatest naval commander, Lord Nelson.

The Trafalgar special is now available at your local Bachmann stockist.

Happy modelling
Today, 21st October 2005, is the 200th anniversary of this historic event that shaped Europe for a very long time. France could still be under Napoleonic style rule and Spain and Britain a provence of France had events gone against the British.

And all this happened before steam railways were first operated in 1825.

Amazing when you think about it.

I can just picture an SNCF loco running from Paddington to Penzance!

(We might get a service that runs on time!

So its appropriate that Bachmann launch their model this week.

What chance a model of the Rocket in 2025 and a surge of interest in modelling all things Victorian that year? We might even get a "City of Truro"!

Happy modelling

PS There are those who say that Mr Tony Blair would be very happy to hand over the running of the British railways to Mr Chirac and SNCF and that SNCF are taking over the running of the British network by stealth anyway! They do currently run out of Waterloo (appropriate) but under the guise of Eurostar. And one or two of the train operators are French. Its all a big plot....
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Here are some photos of the Trafalgar model from Bachmann.

Limited Jubilee Class 'Trafalgar' 45682 BR Green Early Emblem

Pictures: courtesy of Rails of Sheffield.
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