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Bachmann Bloopers

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I was browsing through my Bachmann Catalouge today and glanced at the Lilliput Advertisment affixed within and thought there was soemthing wrong, on closer inspection the rear wheelset of the top Locomotives tender isnt there!. This along with other errors such as numerous derailed stock in pictures and some illustrations of the Wagons with the wrong couplings also caught my eye, I couldnt believe I had failed to notice some until now.
How does Bachmann allow these stupidly simple things to pass there gaze it is only minor but makes the Catalouge seem like a half hearted attempt and for £4.50 i would expect a resonable attempt to present quality pictures any one else noticed these errors?
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In my early teens I used to service Triang locos for my local model shop in return for a bit of pocket money. It was amazing what people bought locos back with. Over-oiling was top of the list, followed by dirty wheels followed by hair/carpet fluff mixed up in the mechanisms - or all three! At 2/6 (12.5p) per loco it was easy, if not regular money in hand.
John Webb
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