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I have two bachmann G Gauge DCC fitted engines and I currently just operate them both with a standard bachmann DC controller. What i want to know is can i just plug in my bachmann e-z command controller, like the one i use for my 00, or will I have to buy this booster from bachmann?

I have been having two different ideas from websites:
1) with the booster you can control more trains
2) with the booster you can boost the amps to control large scale

which is right and what will i have to buy to controll my dcc train?

many thanks

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It is all down to the current draw of the G gauge locos, and the output of the e-z command unit. Look at the e-z command spec to see what maximum current output it is capable of. Look up or measure the maximum current consumption of your G gauge locos. If the e-z command units output is equal to or greater than the current draw of one loco, it will run it satisfactorily; if the e-z command units output is equal to or greater than the sum of the current draws of both locos, it will run both simultaneously. If it will only run one and you want the option of running both together, or has insufficient output to even run one, then you need a booster.
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