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Bachmann BR class 47 32-800DS

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Bachmann China are releasing:

BR class 47 with digital sound released on Aug 8
TOPS number 47404


set price is RMB 1884.00 which is about GBP123 (don't know if VAT is already included)
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If you air brushed out the coupling it looks remarkably like I remember seeing ex works 47's at Crewe works back in the 70's.

I think thats called a compliment.

It will delivery in UK Shop due September RRP £153.40
Why in the name of all that is holy are BC doing that loco? it dosent even remotly fit in with anything they are selling.
I cant help thinking there has been a bit of a mix up here. bachmann branchline is stocked in china so maybe someone has got the wrong end of the stick.

On top of that nobody is going to pay that price in china. the new tibetan loco was only about 800RMB.

On a slightly different not the new bachmann china packaging is very nice. i got the new tibet loco and a coach to go with it. and a few other bits and bobs.

Will post reviews when i get back next week.

QUOTE (steventrain @ 15 Aug 2007, 05:45) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>It will delivery in UK Shop due September RRP £153.40

Received notification on 7/9 from hattons that they were available at £122.00.
Hi all

I bought this loco whilst in Shanghai last week. At he Bachmann shops, there is 15% off for regular customers, and both locos in stock has a slight mark on them, so they gave me another 5%. This means the price ended up around £90 which was quite good. The 1800 RMB is the total price.
It is intersting, the English locos and Lilliput range are very expensive there compared to the Spectrum range etc. Mind you, I got plenty Mk 1 coaches at a price you would all die for, along with some of the older range which were discounted by 30% off already lower prices.
The running quality of the Cl 47 is on par with the Hornby Cl 50 - absolutely superb. And now I have adjusted the volume down, the sound is great - but Bachmann don't include any instructions which is a little poor.

I think the reasonimg behind this loco is that they were doing one very similar for the Deltic preservation society so they also produced a few with a differant number to add to their catalogue sounds like common sense to me and it will complement the Deltic and if they do bring out the later air con mark 2's then it's the perfect loco to haul them at £122 that is a good price for a sound equipped loco after all if you buy the unfitted and the decoder yourself the two add up to more than that
47404 was in last years catalogue so I think it's a case of the DPS coming along afterwards. I notice from looking at Ramsays that 47035 was going to be done as 47063 but has had a number change and despite their claim hasn't got domino headcodes but black painted plated ones like the one above.
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