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Bachmann Brassworks are to produce the Class 04 diesel shunting locomotive in O gauge. It will be released later this year and will follow the popular Class 03 locomotive released in May.

140 diesel shunters (designated Class 04 under the 1971 TOPS renumbering system) were built by Drewry (subcontracted to Vulcan Foundry) and Robert Stephenson & Hawthorn between 1952 and 1962. A loan locomotive provided in 1956 and a demonstrator manufactured in 1947 were eventually taken in to stock to complete a fleet of 142 locomotives.

Weighing just 30.5 tons, the Class 04 could be used on lines with severe weight limitations. They were used for general shunting and pilot duties and saw service on Eastern, North Eastern and Southern Regions. The first four locomotives were fitted with running gear protection (side skirts) and cow catchers to enable them to operate on the Wisbech & Uphill Tramway and other former LNER lines with on street running. and saw service on Eastern, North Eastern and Southern Regions.

All were withdrawn from the nation network between 1968 and 1972, many being sold on for industrial use. 18 of the class have been preserved whilst 2 remain in industrial use in Italy.

Bachmann Brassworks O gauge locomotives can be ordered from any Bachmann stockist. The unpainted brass version (Catalogue No. BW260) will be available at £337.50, in blue (BW261) or green (BW262) for £395.00.
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